Party Organization


                                                                                 President Office/ the Office of the Party

Discipline Inspection Committee       

Organization Department

United Front Work Department



Party Committee Office                                         Office of Party Publicity

                                                                                  General Branch of CPC

                                                                                  Graduate School

                                                                                  Office of Student Affairs

                                                                                  Office of Soldier Recruitment

                                                                                  Office of Retired Veteran Cadres

                                                                                  Labor Union

                                                                                  Youth League Committee



President & Vice President

•     Office of Party Committee

•     Office of the President

•     Office of Discipline inspection & Audit

•     Office of Human Resources

•     Office of Educational Administration

•     Office of Science and Technology Development

•     Office of Financial Affairs

•     Office of Admission & Employment

•     Office of Student Affairs

•     Graduate School

•     Office of Construction

•     Office of State Property

•     Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

•     Office of Security

•     Office of Retirees

•     Library

•     Office of Journal Editorial

•     Office of Logistics Service