Campus Life

Yunnan Agricultural University Library was established in 1958 and the independent building was completed in 1986 occupying 6185.65 square meters. It consists of 3 reading rooms with 8 main shelves and 5 assisting shelves, hosting more than 800 reading seats. In 2005, Xiyuan branch library was founded in the new campus, occupying 10718.26 square meters with more than 1400 reading seats. There are 46 librarians and staff working in the library, including 10 associate research librarians, 21 librarians and 15 working staffs. Among us, 1 librarian is doctor, 12 librarians are post-graduates. Now, there are Editorial Department, Circulation Department, Technology Department, Consulting Department, Digitization Division and Office. Opening hours are 86.5 hours per week.

Under the guidance of “Library’s Rules for General Colleges and Universities” issued by Ministry of Education, during more than 40 years, Yunnan Agricultural University Library (YNAUL) has adapted to the teaching and scientific research development, adhered to the concept of the heritage of civilization and service orientation and given full play to the function of university information center. It has formed an integrated collection of books system, which gives priority to agriculture and coordinates with industry, economy, management, literature and science. According to the school orientation, research literature is the main part with Chinese and foreign journals and more than 1100 kinds of newspapers. Professional literature such as agricultural science, biological science, agricultural products processing, agricultural engineering, and agricultural economy has characteristics of book collections. Also, there are some academic monographs, local literature and series of books. Recently, we introduced E-resources, purchased various online databases and CD ROM databases covering all subjects in our university. Up to September 2011, the total collection amounts to more than 2.53 million items (including 1.21 million printed Collections, 1.32 million Electronic journals and 14319 video resources). We have more than 60 varieties of databases including bibliography databases, YNAU thesis Full-text databases, WanFang thesis databases, China Yearbook Full-text Database, Chinese Scientific technology journal databases, China journal full—text databases, China digital electronic books, superstar e-books, online reporting hall, the world three biggest agricultural databases (AGRIS, AGRICOLOR, CABI,), Elsevier full-text e-journals, Proquest in agriculture and biology databases, Gale database, and self -built database and so on. Among them, there are 18 thousands Chinese and foreign full-text e-journals. YNAU thesis Full-text databases, YNAU scientific paper databases, Yunnan biodiversity databases and agrarian culture databases are self-built characteristic databases in YNAU.

YNAUL focuses on the application of modern information technology. In 1995, we completed the construction of Library Computer Local Area Network, which became an important network information service site in campus, and achieved the interconnection with campus network. From 1996 it has been managed with all-round computer business. In 2000, it upgraded to ILAS II integrated management system, and updated again as the Jin Pan (Golden Disk) Library Integrated Management System in 2010. At present, the library has achieved integration service, making the computer management and resource management, network retrieval, social communication, and information service as a whole, which completed the transformation from traditional library to modernization one. Currently, it serves as branch director of the Chinese Society of Agronomy Library, Modern Information Technology Committee library of Yunnan Academic Library, executive director of Yunnan Library Association, Yunnan Advanced University Library, Agronomy Center Pavilionof Quality Engineering in Yunnan Provincial Department of Education.

Our library has always attached importance to cooperation with the libraries and documentation and information center inside and outside Yunnan. Also, “YNAU Academic Journal” and self-edited “Agricultural Science and Technology Information” have established cooperation and information exchange with more than 320 domestic and foreign institutions. In order to expand the scope of literature resource utilization, our library has built partnership with Yunnan Provincial College and University Library Committee, Agriculture Center of China higher Educational literature guarantee system, National Science and Technology Library, the digital library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Through joint purchase, public bibliographic system cooperation, online catalog, inter library loan and document delivery services, we promote co-construction and sharing of network literature resources.

Our library offers open-shelves service and installs closed circuit monitoring and entrance guard system so that readers can enter to borrow books freely. There are more than 300 different kinds of electronic query terminal, and more than 30 notebooks which can be borrowed outside. Xiyuan branch library has been equipped with wireless network access. And all kinds of database can be inquired online for 7 x 24 hours. We opened remote access service in 2009 and achieved the electronic resources utilization inside and outside campus network. Providing general services such as daily circulation, reading and multimedia network service, our library offers services of project consulting, information retrieval, SDI retrieval, document delivery, technology information issuance/announcement, interlibrary loan, document delivery, User Guide, network technology application training, information exchange, special/thematic database construction and other services. Meanwhile, we undertake undergraduate and graduate course “literature/document retrieval and utilization”, give lectures for freshmen and new teachers, and offer various database utilization knowledge trainings irregularly.

Our library is knowledge and service oriented. Based on the running orientation of teaching and research University and discipline development, we take further steps to closely integrate library construction with teaching and research, update service concept, change service mode, improve service method, and expand service functions. In spirit of accepting science and humanities, blending the ancient and modern essence home and abroad, and insisting on the library philosophy of agricultural civilization inheritation, we commit ourselves to YNAU featured information construction, integration, development, and utilization. As a result, we can promote a series of reform and development such as library management mechanism and service mode, which provides strong information guarantee for university teaching and research development and offers more powerful knowledge for social and economic development of Yunnan province.

Yunnan Agricultural University Library was established in 1958.

The independent building was completed in 1986, occupying 6185.65 square meters.

Xiyuan branch library in the new campus was founded in 2005, occupying 10718.26 square meters.

For more than 40 years, we have made great progress on library resources, information technology equipment, readers services, information consultation and so on. Up to December 2007, the total amount of documents accounts to 2.046 million (including 1.193 million printed documents, 0.853 million e-books), and 18 thousands full-text e-journals. There are more than 20 kinds of databases and 60 species of cooperation and sharing databases, mainly focusing on agriculture and biological science covering all disciplines and specialties.