China-ASEAN Education and Training Center

China-ASEAN Education and Training Center, which is a national foreign-oriented education and training base (especially ASEAN countries), was jointly approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and was established in May 2012. Among the ten China-ASEAN Education and Training Centers of China, it is the only one dedicated to agricultural talents cultivation. Relying on the teaching and administrative resources of YAU, the center is mainly engaged in international students degree programs, long or short term training, China-foreign cooperative education, etc..

Objectives: international students education, China-foreign cooperative education, students exchange programs, "going out" school running, foreign-oriented Chinese training and education, foreign-oriented agricultural science and technology training and education, etc..

Programs:long and short term programs, bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs, and the priority admission givingto international students (or trainees) from ASEAN countries and Chinese students (or trainees) as well.

  • International Students Education

  • China-foreign Cooperative Education

  • Students Exchange Programs

  • "Going out" School Running

  • Overseas Training

  • Foreign-oriented Chinese Training and Education

  • Foreign-oriented Agricultural Science and Technology Training