Features and Advantages of Colleage of Horticulture and Landscape

In order to provide services for the development of Yunnan’s economy, College of Horticulture and Landscape integrates the features of disciplines of horticulture, landscape and bombycology, making the best use of Yunnan’s floristic and climatic resources advantages to cultivate horticulture and landscape talents for border areas. The expertise of the college includes combined cultivation theory and Yunnan’s various climate characteristics, cultivating anti-season vegetables, using resource advantage, conducting Yunnan’s horticulture germplasm collection and utilization and germplasm innovation, highlighting the characteristics of Yunnan’s horticultural crops efficient cultivation in the construction of curriculum system, carrying out scientific research combined with the actual production and solving key production technology, promoting exchanges and cooperation with counterparts from the domestic and overseas and joint-training specialists in the field of modern gardening.

Now, the brand “yunhua” is heading for the international market, and the production and export of anti-season vegetables, fruits and flowers are growing rapidly.Yunnan’s gardening industry is presenting its robust vitality. Combining features of landscape and horticulture, the college adapts the teaching thought of “integrating theory with practice” into cultivating students’ abilities in practical operation and solving problems. By establishing, expanding and enriching landscape and horticulture laboratories, the college tries to better the students' experimental conditions of the professional foundation courses. By establishing orchards, vegetables and flowers and silkworm teaching field bases, the college improves the students’ course practice and graduation practice base. The college keeps pace with the rapid development of Yunnan flower industry and sets up special curriculum “Flower Arranging”, which emphasizes individual creativity and artistic appeal and is very popular with students and the number of students that select the course comes up to 2000. Meanwhile, the college conducts provincial and scholastic flower arranging art competition for many times, and also encourages students to take part in national, provincial and municipal competition and some win prizes at different levels. The college cooperates with Larenstein University from Netherlands, adopts the "1 + 1 + 2" and "2 + 2" training mode. Up to now, 130 students have been sent to the Netherlands for the completion of their education.

On the basis of social, economic development of Yunnan province and orientation of Yunnan Agricultural University, the college constantly adjusts orientation through curriculum combination, professional courses compression, designing comprehensive experiments and increasing off-campus internship base etc. to achieve the training objective of “deep foundation, broad caliber, profound knowledge, comprehensive abilities, high quality”. In recent 10 years, more than 3000 qualified undergraduate college graduates graduated from the college, who are making their contribution to the advancement of Yunnan’s gardening industry.