Scientific Platform of Colleage of Horticulture and Landscape

Specialized Horticultural Plants’ Germplasm Resources Engineering and Technology Research Center of Yunnan Higher Education

Specialized Horticultural Plants’ Germplasm Resources Engineering and Technology Research Center of Yunnan Higher Education is a scientific platform licensed by Yunnan Ministry of Education in 2011.

With the basic equipment of the College of Horticulture and Landscape, the Center researches on the Yunnan Specialized flowers, fruit trees and vegetables, and mainly focuses on the research of important horticulture resources tissue culture, artificial domestication and cultivation taking the advantages of plants genetic resources in Yunnan, and on the classification, linage relationships and QTLs on certain important characters using molecular methods. The center is constructing a specialized horticultural plants germplasm repository, tissue culture office, comprehensive laboratory and horticulture protected cultivation base. There are three objectives of the center. Firstly an academic team will be formed with rational, innovative and pioneer spirits. Secondly, the center will study the economic benefits produced by the applied technology and the utilization of the Yunnan specialized horticultural plants. Thirdly, the center will benefit from the selling of specialized horticultural plants seedlings and technical services.

The Center will further focus on the construction of high-quality, high-yield and high-efficient cultivation systems, and on the off-season cultivation technical research to adapt to the market need. The center will play a positive role in the multi-head high grafting, establishment of technical rules and regulations of pollution-free fruits as well as in the applied extension of virus-free seedlings.

Vegetable Seed Industry Engineering Technology Research Center of Yunnan

Yunnan Vegetable Seed Industry Engineering Technology Research Center, declared by College of Horticulture and landscape of Yunnan Agriculture University and Yunnan Agricultural Vegetable Seed Industry Development Company LTD, has entered the cultivated list of 2013 Yunnan Engineering Technology Research Center, and the cultivation period is one year.

The center tries to construct germplasm resources preservation library foundation platform,new vegetable varieties development platform and seed industrialization platform with the goals of “high-yield, high-quality vegetable industry”, and follows technological needs of vegetable industry development. The center is expanding planting areas of new vegetable varieties of independent intellectual property rights to guarantee Yunnan provincial vegetable industry’s prosperity and advantages.

Floral Research Institute of College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Yunnan Agricultural University

Floral Research Institute of Yunnan Agricultural Universitywas founded in 1994, and with the institutional change,the Landscaping Research Department was set up in 2001, with the focuses on the floral scientific research and teaching.Floral Research Institute has undertaken more than 20 projects for many years, such as the National Natural Science Foundation Project, the Ministry of Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Project, the Ministry of Education of Science and Technology Project, the International Cooperation Project of Yunnan Province, the Provincial Key Basic Research Project, the Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Project, the Provincial New Key Product Development Project, the Science and Technology Project under the Provincial Department of Education, and some regional and enterprise horizontal science and technology cooperation projects researching in variety of flowers, with which the total scientific research contract funds amounts to more than 3.5 million Yuan. Projects Wild Orchid Resource Research of Genetic Background, Physiological and Biochemical, Multi-channel Breeding, Tissue Culture Cultivation, Physiology and Integration Technology of Systematic Research have been undertaken for more than 10 years. The institute has contributed more than 120 papers and obtained a series of patents, new achievements and awards on new products, in which the project of Yunnan Wild Orchid Genetic Resource Research and Its Utilization under the joint fund of nation and provincial program has been appraised as the nation’s top level, and wonthe Third Prize Award of Scientific and Technological Progress of Yunnan Province in 2010; the project of the Chinese Orchid Germplasm Resource Collection and Its Innovation and the Rare Species Breed High Efficient Breeding Technology Research completed, overall identified as in the international advanced level; and aSecond Prize Award of Science and Technology Progress of Sichuan Provincewas granted in 2013. Besides doing the research projects, the institute is also in charge of the routine teaching and personnel training as well as providing guidance for many graduate students and college students on their courses selection and theses completion. Meanwhile, it has run the course construction, and makes great contribution to the course Cut Flower Cultivation which has been voted in asthe exquisite course in Yunnan Province; and the institute played the role as editor and participant in 13 monographs and other works, and won a number of teaching achievement awards, in which the edited Cut Flower Cultivation, a university undergraduate course-book, appraised to be a "National Planning Teaching Material ". In 2011 The National Excellent Teaching Material and the Exquisite Key Course- book Prize in Yunnan Province was awarded. It has made a due contribution for the talent cultivation and for the research and utilization of the floral resources.