Deaprtments and Majors of College of Agronomy and Biotechnology

Department of Crop Genetics and Breeding

Departmentof Crop Genetics and Breeding(DCGB) was established in 2004.Currently the department has 10 faculty , including 9 associate professors, 1 lecturer. Their academic research involves crop genetics and breeding, field statistics and analysis ,and other disciplines related with seed science and technology.

DCGBcarry out research on rice, maize, wheat and soybean breeding and seed science. We have bred 7 new conventional rice varieties,6 high-yield rice hybrids,7new medicinal plant varieties, 4 new sweet and high- quality feed corn hybrids.

DCGB has undertaken research programs at different levels, for example, 4 National Science and Technology Support Program, 3 National Natural Science Foundation Program, 1 major project supported by Department of Agriculture of China, 20 projects by Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, and have won prizes and awards at all levels. In the past 5 years, more than 80 papers were published in China and Foreign country,and many of them are indexed by SCI.

Department of Chinese medicinal Herbs and Plant Science

Department of Chinese Herbs and Plant Science , founded in 2002, has a strong faculty team primarily consisting of young and middle-aged professors and PhDs with academic honesty and rigour. We have 14 full-time teachers, including 4 professors (2 of which are doctoral supervisors), 3 associate professors, and 7 lecturers. We offer one undergraduate and two graduate programs.

In recent years, our department has undertaken more than twenty scientific research projects, including the National Natural Science Fund programs, Industrial Key Technology Development projects in Yunnan province, sub projects of the National Supporting Plan, Natural Science Fund in Yunnan province, and international scientific cooperation projects. We have achieved remarkable results in research of medicinal plants (such as Erigeron breviscapus, Bergenia purpurascens, Panax notoginseng, Gastrodia elata) and the field of standardized cultivation of Chinese medicinal plant. The project named standardized cultivation research of herba erigerontis and construction of its planting base won the second prize of Technological Progress in Yunnan Province. The project named the Investigation of Plant Resources around Yunlong Reservoir won the third prize of Technological Progress in the city of Kunming. More than 100 research papers were published in publications all around the world.

Department of Crop Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Crop Sciences( DCS). Our department currently has 22 faculty and staff, 6 professors, 9 associate professors, two advanced experimenters and 5 lecturers. Among the professors, 4 are accredited to take PhD students,13 are accredited to take master students.

DCS offers one master program(Crop Cultivation and Farming System), one undergraduate program (Agronomy). The Crop Cultivation and Farming System is the key discipline in Yunnan Province. The Agronomy major is the key specialty in Yunnan Province and was evaluated as the state-level characteristic disciplines in July of 2010.

In the past 5 years, DCS has undertaken 1 EU project, 3 International Potato Center Projects, 12 State Natural Science Funding Projects, 2 projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, 2 key projects of Ministry of Education, 1 “948” Project, 10 Natural Science Funding Projects in Yunnan Province, 8 Major agricultural technology promotion projects in Yunnan, 2 projects of Financial Department in Yunnan, 2 projects of Education Office in Yunnan Province. DCS has won 1 second and 2 third prizes of Natural Science, 2 third prizes of the Scientific and Technological Progress in Yunnan Province, 1 economic innovation and technology award. Besides, four new sugarcane varieties and one new potato varieties passed the examination and approval. 5 national invention patents were authorized; more than 300 paper were published in international journals.