Features and Advantages of College of Agronomy and Biotechnology

1.Strong Teaching Resources

CAB has 99 faculty and staff, among which the professor and assistant professors accounted for 55%, and the teachers who have a master’s degree and above accounted for 78.79% of the total; There are experts of modern agricultural industry system of China, chief scientists of modern agricultural industry system of Yunnan province, many young and middle-aged academic leaders and reserve talents in Yunnan province. Moreover, the college has a national teaching team in “crop cultivation and farming system” and a provincial scientific research innovation team in “crop germplasm innovation and sustainable utilization”.

2. Remarkable Achievements in Course Construction

At present, CAB has 2 state-level featured majors “Biotechnology” and “Agronomy”, 1 state-level showpiece public course : Psychopathology--which won national student innovation award ; 3provincial showpiece courses : Crop Cultivation, Botany, Phytophysiology; 1 bilingual course : Microbiology; 1 provincial showpiece public course: Botany and Crop Cultivation.

3. Prominent Research Achievements:

CBA has achieved remarkable research results. The investigation about high-yield of cultured sweet potato by Prof. Yunxiang Ren made the high-yield record of 5t/mu. In 1969, Prof. Zhengyou Li cultivated the first japonica cytoplasmic male sterility(CMS) line­ "hongmaoying" sterile line, and created three-lines of Yunnan japonica hybrid rice in 1973. These contributions made him the founder of Yunnan japonica hybrid rice. CBA built a sugarcane germplasm having 9 genus and 18 species early in 1995. Nowadays, with a global outlook, and based on the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, we build our special research area and advantage in 5 fields: Genetic improvement and utilization of plant heterosis of Yunnan rice, Protection and application of genetic resources of potato, corn, and sugarcane, high-yield and high-quality cultivation of medicinal plants, diverse cultivation of corps and sustainable mountain farming, and research on the application of microbial. We have completed the cloning on the gene of Yunnan rice sterility positioning on the fertility restorer gene (Rf-D1); achieved the distant hybridization between source Erianthus wild species and species of sugarcane cultivation; breed the high-yielding (850 kg per acre) hybrid rice varieties "Dianza series"; integrated the "cold and wet field rice cultivation method " and "crop diversity cultivation technology for slope sustainability". CAB has made great contribution on the development of plateau silos, the industry of sugar, potato, medicinal plants and vegetables in Yunnan Province.

In recent five years, CAB has undertaken more than 80 research projects, including “National Science and Technology Support Program”, “National Natural Science Foundation of China”, “industry-specific”, “973 sub-project”, and “international cooperation projects”, with a fund of 70,272,000 Yuan and obtained 23 prizes from the “National Science Conference Award”, provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements, such as the “National Science and Technology Progress Award prize”, validated 46 crop varieties and covered 19 new patents. CAB has developed 15 high-yield technologies and cropping systems, and published 10 monographs and more than 800 articles.

CAB also has research cooperation with many domestic and foreign universities and institutes, such as the “International Potato Center (CIP)”, “Hokkaido University in Japan”, “University of Wolverhampton Hampton in UK”, “University of Soup Tower Egypt”, “University of Thailand Casa Exeter”, “Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences”.