Introduction of College of Architectural Engineering

School of Architectural Engineering

Schoolof Architectural Engineering of Yunnan Agricultural University is one of the earliest established departments of civil engineering in Yunnan Province, it developed out of Yunnan Architectural Engineering Vocational School, which was founded in 1979.The School has a qualified faculty of 86 full-time staff members, among 79 teaching staff, there are 35 professors and associate professors, 1 academic leader, and 1 school-level academic leader, more than 30 are “duel-qualifications” teaching staff, they are also registered professional engineers, registered architect Engineers, registered cost engineers, registered counselor and other types of professional engineers. There are more than 1,600 full-time students altogether in the college now.

Schoolof Architectural Engineering, featuring civil engineering, is a multi-disciplinary school, which involves 4 first-class disciplines. They are Civil Engineering, Architecture, Management Science and Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning. The school is one which has the most comprehensive specialties in the same field of Yunnan Universities. It is responsible foradult education and teaching tasks forundergraduates and postgraduates. The specialties it provides for the undergraduate areArchitecture, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Civil Engineering, Project Cost, Engineering Management, Supply Drainage Science and Engineering, Water Supply and DrainageEngineering, Agriculture Building Environment and Energy Engineering, Humanities Geography, Urban and Rural Planning, etc., and the specialties for the full-time postgraduate and on-job postgraduates of agricultural extension is Urban and Rural Construction and Management.

School of Architectural Engineering is composed of 4 departments: Civil Engineering, Architecture, Municipal Engineering, Engineering Management, and 4 centers: Construction Engineering Testing Center of the University, Testing and Research Engineering Center of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of the University, the Laboratory Center of the School, and Engineering Training Center of the School, and 1 Urban and Rural Planning Design Institute of the University. It has a further educational training station for Class1 Registered Construction Engineers (major of construction engineering, major of electric and mechanic) that were approved by Ministry of Urban-Rural Housing of the State and an educational base for water supply and sewage of Kunming confirmed by Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Education, the National Saving Water Office. It has cooperated with several leading construction industries such as Construction Engineering Group, Ltd of Yunnan Province, Co., 14th Metallurgical Construction Corporation, etc, to build more than 30 practice bases for professional education,

In recent years, the college has completed more than 50 research projects, including state-level and province-level projects, large transverse research projects, such as the sub-projects supported by the 12th National Five-year Planning of Science and Technology, UN-HABITAT science and technology project, “one-thousand villages planning” of Jinghong, Yunnan fund projects of application, and the research project of new rural development of Yunnan Province etc. The research fund reached more than RMB 5 million per year. In compliance with the school motto, we have made persevering endeavor for 30 years to stimulate innovation,promote education reform and improve teaching quality. Taking profession and trade as the base, and taking cultivation of talents with strong practical skills and high comprehensive quality as our purpose, we have actively developed the cooperation between the college and enterprises, and run our school on the principle of combing “politics, production, learning and research”. We have trained more than 10000 professional architectural talents for the society. We are playing an irreplaceable role in the Yunnan local economical construction and development.