Features and Advantages of College of Basic Science and Information Engineering

Features and Advantages of Chemistry Department

1. Based on “basic science”, focusing on “integration”, and highlighting the features of chemistry departments in agricultural universities.

Aiming at “agriculture”, Chemistry Department not only emphasizes on teaching quality of basic courses, but also integrates the advantages with the characteristics of the university. Now there are several courses that are closely related with agriculture in the curriculum of Applied Chemistry Specialty(ACS), such as Pesticide Science, The Quality of Agricultural and Sideline Products, Introduction of Food Chemistry, Environmental Pollutants Analysis, etc. These courses help students extend their knowledge structure, and highlight the characteristics of ACS. Meanwhile, the department has been paying great attention to interdisciplinary communication and established multi-aspect and multi-level cooperative relationship with other colleges.

2. A Professional teaching system of “one core, two basic points”

The department sets up a professional teaching system of “one core, two basic points”. Based on theory teaching, the system focuses on experiment skill training greatly, to elevate graduates’ comprehensive quality. The laboratories are accessible to students all day long, and experiment teaching resources have been managedin a unified manner, equipping the graduates with a solid knowledge base, strong operation ability and adaptability.

3. Mutual promotion of teaching, scientific research and specialty development

Discipline construction, scientific research platforms and specialty development support one another, and academic research results are shared with students in class. Teaching and research resources are in integrated management and highly shared. Students participate in the research and creative practice through multiple channels.

4. Associating discipline construction with the needs of national economic construction and social development

The department fully considers the needs of national economic construction and social development, and established good cooperation mechanisms and approaches with resource regeneration and recycling industry.