Features and Advantages of College of Economics and Management

Our Features

CEM prides itself on being recognized nationally and internationally for excellent education and research. With our advantages in agricultural economy studies, coupled with the efforts made in the improvement of faculty and integration of research and teaching, the college has become an educational platform for application-oriented talents who can serve the rural areas and adapt to the diverse ethnic cultures in frontier regions. CEM also offer programs for international students, especially those from Southeast Asian countries. So far, it has graduated more than 100 full time international students and 400 students on short-term courses from Vietnam, Laos, and other ASEAN countries.

Now CEM, based in Yunnan and serving Southeast Asia, is a teaching and research institution preparing qualified managerial professionals for agricultural sector, farmers and rural areas.

Our Advantages

Up to September, 2013, our faculty members have produced 615 academic papers, 247 of which are published in key publications in China. We have conducted more than 20 international cooperation projects, 5 national research projects, and over 65 provincial and ministerial projects. Besides, we have also cooperated with other organizations in 11 national and dozens of provincial research projects.