Introduction of College of Food Science and Technology

The College of Food Science and Technology was founded in May, 2001. The origin of the college can be traced back to 1995 when the Department of Food Science was set up after the merge of the Eastern Bee Research Institute with two teaching and research divisions (Animal Product Processing Division of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Department and Horticulture Product Processing Division of Horticulture Department). The major, Agricultural and Animal Products Storage and Processing was renamed as Food Science and Technology in 1998, and the Master program for Agricultural Products Storage and Processing was launched the same year. In 2003, the college began to recruit students for the major of Food Quality and Safety, and offered a Master program for Food Science. In June 2013, approved by the Office of Food Safety of the Provincial Government, Institute of Food Safety Management of Yunnan was set up in the College of Food Science and Technology.

At present, the college has a key laboratory for Pu-erh Tea supported by the Ministry of Education and 4 engineering research centers (ERCs) (the Yunnan Quality Animal By-product Processing ERC supported by Yunnan Development And Reform Commission, the Agricultural Product Processing ERC supported by Yunnan Science and Technology Department, the Tea Product Deep Processing ERC supported by Yunnan Science and Technology Department, and the Sustainable Utilization of Bee Resources ERC supported by Yunnan Provincial Education Department). There is 1 doctorial program for Food Resource and Nutrition Engineering, 5 master programs (Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Engineering, Food Science, Functional Food, and Nutrition Metabolism Immunology) and 2 professional master programs (Master of Engineering in Food Engineering and Master of Engineer in Food Processing and Safety). Besides, the college offers 3 undergraduate majors: Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, and Bee Science and Bee Product Processing. There is one Joint Innovation Base for Yunnan Graduate Student as well as 11 practice bases in and outside the university.

With laboratories covering approximately 2500 square meters, the college possesses teaching and research equipments which are valued at over 10 million yuan. It has 45 faculty members, among which are 12 professors, 8 associate professors, 2 senior experimentalist, 3 doctoral supervisors and 16 master’s supervisors. At present, 837 full-time undergraduates and 61 graduates are studying in the college, and it has graduated more than 2000 students so far.

The college has two academic teams: one for Food Science and Engineering and another for Bee Science. The faculty members give high-quality courses and have undertaken 8 educational reform projects. In recent years, they have won 15 provincial/university awards for outstanding achievements in education and published more than 30 papers.

The college has undertaken over 80 research projects, among which there are 6 international cooperative projects, 18 national projects sponsored by foundations like National Natural Science Foundation of China, “863 Program”, etc., and 62 provincial or prefectural projects. It has won 9 provincial awards for its scientific and technological progress and the faculty has published more than 400 papers, among which 42 wereaccepted bySCI/EI journals.

Meanwhile, the college has established connections with universities in more than 10 countries and regions, such as the France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. The academic exchanges with overseas universities have greatly promoted the teaching and research of the college.