Scientific Research Platform of College of Food Science and Technology

Animal Product Processing Engineering Research Center of Yunnan Province

1. Introduction

Accredited by Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission in 2008 and Yunnan Science and Technology Department in 2010, Yunnan Provincial Animal Product Processing Engineering Research Center is located in Yunnan Agricultural University, covering an overall floorage of 2963 m2. It has 5 result application platforms, a storage space of 600 m3 for high, low and freezing temperatures, a meet fermentation plant of 400 m3, a fundamental research platform costing 3 million yuan and a meat product semi-works plant costing 1.2 million yuan.

With a view to boosting the local economy and farm product industry in Yunnan, the Center, focusing on the special and advantageous animal products, has conducted researches on the engineering approaches for high-quality animal product processing, the key generic technology for intensive processing of animal products, the extracting and processing techniques, and quality specification. Meanwhile, it is also engaged in research and development of new products, analysis and testing of food quality and safety, equipment development, education, platform construction, practice base construction, technical identification and consultation services and so on.

2. Educational Objectives

Availing itself of the local high-quality animal products in Yunnan, the Center follows the trend of animal product processing technology and gives full play to the strength of the disciplines, human resources and technology of YNAU. It also cooperates extensively with domestic and overseas research institutions and enterprises in food industry. Focusing on the universal, key technical problems in the clean and industrialized processing and production of animal products, it carries out studies and pilot tests on relative products, techniques, and equipments. Its efforts in training talents and promoting technology advances provide technical support for the core competitiveness of animal products in Yunnan.

3. Faculty Building

The Center is staffed with over 100 full-time and part-time researcher and technicians. Among them, more than 30 have a senior professional title, and more than 40 have an associate senior professional title. The faculty has a good educational and academic background, with over 30 doctors, 2 academicians (employed without being confined to restrictions on talent introduction), and 1 Chang Jiang Scholar (employed without being confined to restrictions on talent introduction).

4. Research Achievements

Research focuses of this Center embrace material production and quality control of animal products, plant functional supplementary materials and animal products development, and quality and safety of processed animal products. The Center has undertaken over 30 scientific research programs, with about 50 academic papers published, and about 10 national patents for invention authorized. In the past 5 years, it has made breakthroughs in 15 key technologies, developed 65 new products, set 21 enterprise standards. In 2012, one invention of the Center won the Third Prize of Yunnan Provincial Technological Invention Awards.

Instituteof Food Safety Management of Yunnan

I. Overview

Instituteof Food Safety Management of Yunnan (IFSMY) was set up to better implement the Food Safety Law of the PRC, The Law of Agricultural Products Quality and Safety of the PRC and The State Council Decision on Strengthening Food Safety, and to satisfy the needs of food safety supervision in Yunnan. On June 14, 2013, the Food Safety Commission of People’s Government of Yunnan officially approved the establishment of IFSMY in YAU, which is intended to support the food safety management in Yunnan.

II. Leadership and Institutional Framework

1. Leadership

Honorary Dean:

GAO-Feng, Deputy Governor of Yunnan Provincial Government & Deputy Director of Food Safety Commission of Yunnan


Yang-Jie, Deputy Secretary-General of Yunnan Provincial Government & Office Director of the Food Safety Commission Of Yunnan Provincial Government

SHENG-Jun, President of Yunnan Agricultural University

2. Institutional Framework

Institute is located in Yunnan Agricultural University, comprising the General Affairs Office, the Teaching Department and the R&D Center of Food Safety Technology.

  • General Affairs OfficeIt is responsible for manage the routine work of the institute, including the management of trainees, external contact, administration, publicity, and logistics.

  • Teaching Department:It is responsible for training programs, organizing and implementing teaching and experimentation, faculty building, experiment center and practice base construction, etc.

  • R&D Center of Food Safety TechnologyIt is mainly responsible for innovation research of food safety technology, including food-borne pathogenic microbes ecology and inspection techniques, the new detecting methods and standards for the harmful substances in food, the new technology of food processing and preserving, food safety risk assessment and control technology, control technology for environmental pollution and food quality and safety, and tracing technology for food safety. This center also provides support for teaching.

3. Development Goals

The institute will be built as an open institute with the characteristics of ethnic minority areas in borderland, which specializes in food safety supervision, professional training and education.