Introduction of College of Foreign Languages

About the College

The College of Foreign Languages of Yunnan Agricultural University was originally the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Group in the university, and later the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Office under the Basic Science Department. With the development of the whole university, it developed into the Department of Foreign Languages in 1995 and then the College of Foreign Languages in 2001. In the same year, it began to enroll English-major students. In 2011, Vietnamese major was launched and began to enroll undergraduates. In recent years, with the great help and concern from the university, it has witnessed and is witnessing great development thanks to the joint efforts of the whole faculty.

The college includes the following sections: College English Department, English Department, Vietnamese Department, Office for Minor Languages’ Teaching and Research, Office for Graduates’ Affairs in Foreign Languages Teaching &. Discipline Construction, Office for Teaching Evaluation, Room for Superintendence and Guidance, Foreign Languages Training Center, Language Experiment and Teaching Center, Office for Teaching Administration, General Affairs Office, Office for CPC & Public Affairs, Teachers’ Union, College for Youth League Committee and the Students’ Union. It is well equipped with more than 30 computers for teaching, research and administration. The Language Experiment and Teaching Center, being one of the experiment and teaching centers of the university, was graded the Model Lab in Higher Institutions in Yunnan in 1998. It currently consists of 8 modern language labs with 582 seats, covering 1086.88 square meters, in which there are 1 cyber classroom with 64 seats, 4 multi-media classrooms with 300 seats, and 3 language training classrooms with 218 seats. In addition, an advanced frequency modulation broadcasting system and Lange Network-based Platform with more than 1,000 computers available for students in this university at all levels self-learning English outside class.

Presently our college has a total staff of 75, including 5 professors, 12 associate professors, of which one isthe provincial teaching master and 2 are university-wide famous teaching masters. Plus, there are 66 full-time teachers (60 teachers of English, a teacher of Japanese, a teacher of French, 3 teachers of Vietnamese and a teacher of Thai), together with 6 teaching assistants and administrators. While the English and Vietnamese majors are launched, the college offers five languages for students on the whole campus, namely, English, Japanese, French, Vietnamese and Thai, supplying courses for both English-major and non-English-major students at all levels.

The College of Foreign Languages takes full responsibility for the languages teaching and their evaluation over the whole university range, involving English majors, Vietnamese majors at undergraduate level and non-English majors at undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels. In addition, it also undertakes some English training tasks like English for Tourism, Business English, Children English, CET-4/6, TEM-4/8, IELTS, etc. The college currently has the on-campus students of 350 majoring in English and 68 in Vietnamese. Up to now, 699 applied talents have graduated from the college, at an employment rate of 90% plus, working in various fields including international organizations, tourism, translation or interpretation, teaching, etc.

In order to enrich and liven up the language learning, teachers and students in this college actively organize and participate in many extracurricular activities and have made many remarkable achievements. The college has been hosting and taking active part in activities at all levels, such as the National CCTV Cup Speech Contest, the National CCTV Cup Oral English Contest and the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Cup English Debate Contest. Our students had good performances in the activities, including winning the third prize of the National Oral English Contest in Yunnan region in Dec, 2003; the third prize of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Cup English Debate Contest in the South-western region in March, 2004; the second prize of the National Oral English Contest in Yunnan region in July, 2005; the first prize of Century Trend Debate Contest hosted by the university. In 2006, our college undertook the quarter-final of Yunnan region for the National CCTV Cup Oral English Contest; the Foreign Languages Annual Conference of Yunnan in 2007, the 11th Century Trend Debate Contest of the university, and the preliminary contest of the university for the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Cup English Debate Contest. In April 11, 2010, our students participated in the National College Students’ English Contest, and in November the same year, our students won the third prize and an honorable mention in the quarter-final of Yunnan region in the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Cup Speech Contest. The Psychodrama, Xiao Qiu’s troubles won the provincial third prize in May 2011. In the first Cultural Innovation Week of Oct, 22nd- 26th, 2011, our students got the title of “top ten creative students”. On November 4th, 2011, the students who took part in the rematch of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Cup Oral English Contest in Yunnan Division got the second and third prize. On May 13th, 2012, three students got the first prize in the final of National English Contest for College Students. On June 1st, 2012, the college got the outstanding Organization Award and the students the third prize in Foreign Language Teaching and Research--Amazon Cup English Debate Contest. In recent years, 8 teachers in the college have been rewarded by the Provincial Department of Education, 22 by the university. 7 items of teaching achievements have won the second and the third prize. More than 10 teachers participated in the teaching competitions and won the first, the second and the third prizes at the university level, and the second and the third prizes at the provincial level.

In addition to the completion of daily teaching with good quality and enough quantity, the faculty members are encouraged and supported to carry out some teaching research with the help of the college in which the scientific research funding is provided and lectures given by famous experts are held in order to timely find problems, analyze problems and solve problems, which promote teachers' Teaching and scientific research level and improve the quality of teaching. In recent years, more than 240 articles have been published in the field of the languages and culture research, testing and teaching of College English, theory and practice of translation, appreciation and analysis of literature works, etc. More than 60 books have been published with our teachers as chief-editors, vice chief-editors and editors. At present, 60 projects at the university and the provincial level and 6 for Ministry of Education and Ministry of Agriculture were or are being conducted. Our university is the model unit for College English teaching reform in Yunnan. The office for Minor Languages’ Teaching and Research has ranked as major support from the provincial project and Vietnamese major has also been included inSoutheast Asia and South Asia Language Talents training demonstration site projects in Yunnan colleges and universities.