Introduction of College of Long Run Pu'erh Tea

Introduction to College of Long Run Pu-erh Tea

The college was founded in April, 2006, while the major of Tea Science was established in 1972 and began to recruit four-year undergraduates in 1973. The college is a special college jointly founded by Yunnan Agricultural University and the world-known “Long Run Group”.

The present college secretary of CPCC: Prof. Tao Mei.

The present dean: Prof. Lu Caiyou.

Tea science is a traditional discipline with a long history and its remarkable feature, and it is also a modern one involving natural science and liberal arts. Tea industry is not only a traditional pillar industry in Yunnan Province, but also the financial source for millions of farmers in its mountainous areas and the main local tax source. In order to train professional personnel of tea science and accelerate the economic development of tea plant in Yunnan, the major of Tea Science was established in Yunnan Agricultural University in 1972,and began to recruit four-year undergraduates in 1973. In 1996, the program offering master’s degree was approved and the major was entitled to recruit graduates for master’s degree in 1997. In 1998, the major began to recruit students from other countries. In 2005, the major furthered its focus from tea science to tea art so that it has been enrolling students of both science and liberal arts. With continuous efforts, the major has made many remarkable achievements in education and research, especially in its contributions to the development of tea industry in Yunnan.

Now, the major of Tea Science has evolved into a major with undergraduates, postgraduates and foreign students. Moreover, it also recruits correspondence students and trains Intermediate and Senior Tea Art Specialists or Craftsmen. At present, in the college, there are 405 students, of whom are 47 postgraduates, 6 students from Korea. Over the past years, 160 students gained National Scholarship, National Encouragement Scholarships, and Tea Science Love Scholarships Fund and so on. In Yunnan Provincial Tea Art Competition, our students have gained over 100 gold medals. The college organized more than 6000 students to take part in the China Yunnan Pu-erh International Expo and other activities of tea science and technology. Averagely speaking, over 80% of our graduates have got the Tea Art Certificate. Students are also given opportunities, at least 10 times a term, with receptions to practice and improve their professional skills.

With the support of Long Run Group, the college has been efficiently improving its facilities for experiment and field practice bases for students. So far, 10 practice bases have been established, of which 9are located off campus and one in campus. Besides, KeyLaboratory of Pu-erh Tea Science of Ministry of Education and Pu-erh Research Institute have been built, which greatly helps the cultivation of tea professionals and promotes the tea industry of Yunnan Province. With the help of the institute and the center, we have been confidently cultivating students with basic innovation and practical skills. Our graduates are admirably popular to the society, which can be shown by their employment rate: 95% in 2012, and 96% in 2013. Based on the needs of our society, our college has produced many remarkable personnel for China. For example, a graduate named Li Zhengxing has been entitled “Excellent Enterpriser” and “Advanced Worker in Yunnan”; Yuan Mingde was entitled “Model Worker of Yunnan” and “Outstanding Entrepreneur in Yunnan.

Of the 30 faculty members in the college, 4 are professors or 10 associate professors, 14 are of doctorate, 12 are mentors for postgraduates, two are provincially outstanding teachers, one is the leading scientist for a national key technology support program and 2 have been recognized as worldwide outstanding people in Pu-erh Tea science and industry. In the past 3 years, the college has undertaken over 50 research projects financed by the state or the province with over RMB¥ 50 million. So far many achievements, even breakthroughs, have been made, for example, the use of fungus for improving the quality, the characteristic constituents, and the research of quality standard of Pu-erh. Through experiments on animals, it has been proved that Pu-erh tea is good for people in decreasing blood pressure, losing weigh,anti-fatigue, anti-hypoxia, slowing down lipid peroxidation, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. YunnanPu-erh Tea, written by Professor Zhou Hongjie, has been published and sold more than 110000 volumes. This book was also published in Korean and Chinese Tradition Version in 2005.Furthermore, the college has been doing many academic exchanges with many countries, such as England, France, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. It has received more than 9000 leaders and guests from other countries like Laos and Vietnam.