Scientific Research Platform of College of Long Run Pu'erh Tea

Key Laboratory of Pu-erh Tea Science, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of Pu-erh Tea Science, Ministry of Education, Yunnan Agricultural University, directed by Prof. Jun Sheng, was selected by ministry of Education of China as uniqueness of research centers of Pu-erh Tea in November 2011. Ministry of Education approved the integration of Yunnan province Tea Deep Processing Engineering Technology Research Center, Yunnan Tea and Tea Processing Scientific Experimental Agriculture Department Station, College of Food Science and Technology, College of LongRun Pu-erh Tea of Yunnan Agricultural University.

The goal of laboratory is to train professional talents of tea science and technology who serve countryand Yunnan province for social and economic development, and focus on innovative research in the forefront of the international tea studies. Laboratory also explores basic theory and key technologies of research transforming into application and support the development of tea industry. The scientific aim is to build the laboratory with international advanced level in the field of research on tea and application development, particularly in the tea regulating body metabolism, anti-tumor and other aspects of in-depth research, the creation of innovative theories, techniques and methods.

Research of our laboratory involved in the fieldof tea, chemistry, immunology and microbiology, including: (1) tea germplasm research, conservation and utilization; (2) tea biodiversity and ecological tea; (3) tea material basis and molecular mechanism of biological activity of factor efficacy and (4) application transformation of tea basic research achievements.

A third of the staff in our laboratory possesses a doctorate abroad, access to provincial funds to support major projects. Laboratory encourages innovation and supports the development of applied technology, is committed to combining innovation and entrepreneurship. We are looking forward to more innovative and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of colleagues to join our team.

Yunnan Pu'er Tea Institute

Founded in November 19, 2005 in Yunnan Agricultural University, Yunnan Pu'er Tea Institute is the only institution carrying out the research of tea in Yunnan universities.

There are more than 20 researchers, including 8 professors and researchers, 10 associate professors, 5 doctors. More than 30 scientific research projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the provincial Department of Science and Technology, the provincial Government, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Provincial Department of Education, have been successively undertaken. Great achievement have been taken in the field of Yunnan tea germplasm resources, Pu'er Tea processing technology and the its quality, the study of Pu'er Tea functional constituents, Yunnan high-quality large-leaf tea processing, the comprehensive utilization of tea.

Combining the talents in Colleges and universities, scientific research, education resources advantage, since the its establishment, the Yunnan Pu'er Tea Institute, the professional Pu'er Tea research platform and R&D personnel team have been set up in order to perfect Pu'er Tea industry research system and carry out some studies of Pu'er Tea as the core of the characteristics of the project, including Pu'er Tea genetic diversity research on germplasm resources; research on the key technology of the management of ecological Pu'er Tea; research on the key technology of after-fermentation of Pu'er Tea ; research on product development and further processing and comprehensive utilization of Pu'er Tea; study on improving quality of Pu'er Tea used tea beneficial microbe; study of Pu'er Tea quality evaluation ; safty evaluation study on quality of Pu'er Tea; research on the sustainable development of Pu'er Tea culture industry. Yunnan Pu'er Tea Institute plays an important role in the great-leap-forward development of the Yunnan tea industry.