Features and Advantages of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

During 40 years of its development, thescientific researchstrengthof college of Engineering and Technology has increased year by year. It has presided over 5 natural science projects funded by the state, 9 projects funded by Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, 40 projects funded by Education Department of Yunnanand 30 horizontal topic projects servicing in the field of Yunnan agriculture and machinery. For the soil, topography, geomorphology diversity and the characteristics of agricultural biological resources diversity, and Yunnan plateau agricultural crops such as tobacco, sugar, tea, flowers, pseudo-ginseng it has developed the equipment and manufacture technology of small agricultural machinery, characteristic crops field machinery and processing equipment and their related technology, agricultural mechanization planning and machine configuration of characteristic industry. It gradually form an inter-disciplinary system with an emphasis on agricultural mechanization engineering; Guided by the demands of agricultural production and mechanical and electrical company, it strengthened the combination of agricultural machinery and techniques; It highlights its strength and characteristics in production of small plateau crops field and postpartum processing machinery and equipment research and development and the special machine tool developed scientific research.

Thecollege of Engineering and Technology has achieved a series of research achievements, including the development of automatic piston pin double end chamfering machine tools and the application of PC technology, which won the second prize of scientific and technological achievements of Chuxiong Prefecture, the rotary tillage deep loosening ridging joint rig, which won the invention bronze prize of the national association of inventions; won more than 20 national patents, such as the patent for utility model of a kind of potato harvester, the rotary tillage soil deep loosening ridging machine , a kind of electric honey-swinging machine, ham tanning machine, the essence of distance, slender hole boring, stone pits automatic processing equipment, etc.; its scientific writings include the modern tobacco agriculture machinery; It has published more than 300 theses in Journal of Agricultural Engineering, Journal of Agricultural Machinery and Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University and other domestic and foreign academic journals and more than 40 of them are included by SCI or EI .