Introduction of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The college of Engineering and technology was established in 1972,formerly known as the Department of Agricultural Machinery. Its name was changed into the College of Engineering and Technology in 1993. There are four departments of agricultural machinery and vehicle engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial engineering.

1.Teachers Team

The college has a total of 59 staffs now, including 5 Doctors and 45 masters. The teachers of masters’ degree and above account for 85% of the total. There are 4 professors, 17 associate professors, 4 senior experimentalists, 1 senior engineer, 19 master supervisors. Most of teachers have been to the United States, Japan, Britain, the Netherlands and Thailand education and research institutes for further study.

2. Disciplines

The college is equipped with one primary discipline master degree program of agricultural engineering, consisting of three subordinate discipline master degree programs of agricultural mechanization, agricultural electrification and automation engineering, and agricultural biology environment and energy engineering. In addition, it has a part-time and full-time master of professional degree of agricultural extension in the field of agricultural mechanization. There are 64 graduate students in college. The college has agricultural mechanization and automation of Yunnan provincial characteristic specialty, one outstanding engineers training program of agricultural mechanization and automation major of national level quality engineering, two outstanding engineers training programs of agricultural mechanization and automation major and mechanical design and manufacturing and automation major of Yunnan provincial quality engineering. There are agricultural mechanics as the quality course of Yunnan Provincial Level, agricultural mechanization as the Provincial Characteristic Specialty, also automobile structure and automobile tractor as two of Yunnan Provincial Demonstration Courses. There are 6 undergraduate majors of agricultural mechanization and automation, mechanical design manufacturing and automation, electrical engineering and automation, industrial engineering, vehicle engineering, thermal energy and power engineering. Totally, there are 1471 college students in college, including 64 master graduate students and 1407 undergraduates .

3.Research Platforms

In university, the college has the research platforms of research institutions of mechanical design, experimental teaching center of electrical and mechanical engineering, training center of machinery manufacturing and agricultural machinery exhibition, etc. The experimental teaching center of electrical and mechanical engineering contains 24 laboratories of CAD/CAM, hydraulic transmission, modern testing technology, agricultural machinery, automobiles, tractors and electric control, etc. These research platforms provide a reliable guarantee for college teachers, graduate students, as well as undergraduate students to carry out scientific researches and practice teaching.

4. Science and Research

The college has been totally responsible for 5 researching projects of Natural Science Foundation of China(NSCF), 9 natural foundation projects of Yunnan Province Science and Technology Department, 40 projects of Yunnan Education Department and more than 30 lateral projects which services Yunnan agriculture and mechanical industry.

The College persists in taking the demands of Yunnan agricultural production and mechanical and electrical enterprises as the guide. According to Yunnan soil, topography, geomorphology diversity and the characteristics of agricultural biological resources diversity, it strengthens the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomic, highlights the research and development of machinery equipment for small plateau special crops field production and postpartum processing, and the research and manufacture of the special purpose machine tool. The College has obtained the majority of scientific research awards and more than 20 national patents. In the Journal of Agricultural Engineering, Journal of Agricultural Machinery, Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University and other domestic and foreign academic journals, more than 300 science papers have been published and more than 40 of them are included by SCI or EI.

5. Exchanges and Cooperation

The college has established the academic exchanges and educational cooperation relations with Wageningen University in the Netherlands , University of Arizona in USA, Ohio State University in USA, Humberside University in UK, University of Waterloo in Canada , Japan Industrial University, University of Chiangmai in Thailand, KAZIRANGA University in India , China Agricultural University, Science and Technology University of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry, Nanjing Agricultural University and South China Agricultural University, invited the well-known scholars for academic exchange, and at the same time sent many teachers to conduct academic exchange and visit, together discussing, researching and exchanging on the development of agriculture and agricultural mechanization.

The college teachers take an active part in the international academic exchange meeting for academic exchanges with scholars from other countries, not only learning foreign advanced technology and ideas and widening the field of vision, but also expanding the influence of the college and promoting the improvement of the teachers' teaching and scientific research level.