Scientific Research Platform of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Institute of Mechanical design,Yunnan Agricultural University

1. Brief introduction

Mechanical Design Institute of Yunnan Agricultural University was established in 1984, which was formerly known as Agricultural Machinery Department Design Studioof Yunnan Agricultural University. It was renamed as mechanical design institute in 1993. It has investigated research, science & technology development and service on agricultural machinery, facilities agricultural equipment, special machine tool, etc. The mechanical design institute is the major platform for teachers and graduate students to conduct scientific research.

2. Main research area

(1) Special machine tools and numerical control technology research and development on tobacco farming machinery and other agricultural machinery products

(2) Research on agricultural machinery and tobacco farming machinery products

(3) Greenhouses design and construction

3.Main research programs and achievements

(1)Piston pin light double chamfer automatic machine research and manufacturing(obtain science and technology achievements second award, the people’s government of the Chuxiong state of Yunnan province)

(2)Holes for the development of precision boring machine

(3)Vertical piston pin cylindrical billet auto cutting CNC machine tools

(4)The ATC-80×25ZW hydraulic jacking device automatically

(5)Research and development of hand radish slicer(National utility model patents)

(6)Research and development of pineapple slicer(The third prize invention of Yunnan province)

(7)The development of deep soil fertilizing gun(National utility model patents)

(8)Multi-functional developing small silo cutter

(9)The development of the milk block feed cleaning cutter

(10)Research and development of crop straw kneader

(11)The pig breeding facilities of banna minipig inbred line

(12)Portable environmental tobacco bud suppression applicators

(13)A device used for tobacco field of multifunctional farming development

(14)A hydraulic block lifting device(National utility model patents)

4. Teaching and scientific research platform

(1)Electrical and mechanical engineering experimental teaching center

(2)Machinery manufacturing processing factory

(3)CAD/CAM experimental center