Deaprtments and Majors of College of Physical Education

A Brief Introduction to Specialties in College of Physical Education, Yunnan Agricultural University

Physical Education

Physical Education equips students with the basic theory, knowledge, technique, and working regulations of physical education and putting them into practice. On the basis of integrated development, students must have their own specialties. Meanwhile students can be engaged in PE teaching, extracurricular athletics, after-school sports, competition training and activities and even more specialized talents in researching.

The main courses contain: Introduction to Sports, Sports Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Biochemistry, Exercise Biomechanics, Sports Statistics and Evaluation, Sport Hygiene, School Sports Science, Sports Psychology, Sports Cartography, Sports History, Sports management, Sports Training, Athletics, Basketball, Football, Tennis, and other programs.Graduates will work as teachers or instructors in education institutions of all levels, primary PE committees, enterprises and so on.

The duration of study is 4 years, and students can get Bachelor’s degree if qualified.

Social sports

Social sports make students be equipped with basic theory, knowledge, and technique of social sports, be engaged in organizing group sports activities, counseling, and instructing, and even do some teaching research.

The main courses contain: Introduction to Social Sports, Social Sports Management, Introduction to Fitness, Chinese Sports Health Science, public health, recreation, sports fitness guide and so on.Students can master the basic theories, knowledge of social sports and be trained to organize, counsel, run group sports activities. Meanwhile they can instruct public how to keep fitness, entertain and some techniques for some special groups.

The duration of study should be 4 years, and students can get Bachelor’s Degree of Education if qualified.