Introduction of College of Physical Education

An Introduction to College of Physical Education, YNU

College of Physical Education in Yunnan Agriculture University, formerly known as Physical Education Department, was established in April, 2001. In March, 2001, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to enroll undergraduates of Physical Education and Social Sports and was authorized to confer BA degree of Education. It is the first college of physical education among agricultural colleges and universities in China, and has been rewarded for his outstanding achievement by the Ministry of Education, General Administration of Sport of China and provincial and municipal authorities.

The college consists of 45 faculty members, among whom 40 are full-time teachers. The faculty includes 4 professors, 14 associate professors, 22 lecturers and 5 teaching assistants. Among them, there are 1 doctor, 28 masters, 1 provincial teaching master, 4 national umpires. The college also has one teaching team, and one studio for provincial teaching masters.

Since its establishment, all the faculty members contribute themselves to teaching and researching so that scope of the college has been enlarged and it now has more 800 full-time undergraduates. In addition, we are in charge of public physical education with more than 9000 students, organizing various physical education activities in our entire school and the cultural exchange of physical education home and abroad.

The college holds the belief that teaching is the foundation of, scientific research is an approach to be stronger, and the law is the basis of administration. It focuses on discipline construction based on construction and development of undergraduates and puts the concept of holy teaching and studying into practice, so that it can strengthen educational reform, promote quality education and provide service for socialist economic construction.The faculty will make all our efforts to build a top college in Yunnan, and also a famous college in China.