Deaprtments and Majors of College of Plant Protection

Department of Plant Pathology

There are 17 full-time faculty in the Department of Plant Pathology(DPP), including 7 professors, 7 associate professors, 1 senior technician, and 2 lecturers. It is a high-quality teaching and research team.

DPP has undertaken a lot of national, provincial, municipal projects. We mainly conduct crop diseases research and production application of chief local crops like rice, corn, potato and characteristic crops like flower, tobacco, fruit tree, herb, tea, coffee in Yunnan, centering around biodiversity .

Over the years, DPP has made remarkable teaching and research achievement.

Department of Plant Quarantine at College of Plant Protection

Department of Plant Quarantine(DPQ), affiliated with College of Plant Protection, supported by National Center for Agro-biodiversity, Education Key Lab of Agro-biodiversity and Pest Control, and the Key Lab of Plant Pathology, began to offer undergraduate program in September 2005, and offered Ph D and Master Degree programs in Invasive Biology in 2012.

DPQ has 5 professors, 4 associate professors and 1 lecturer. Among them, 7 hold Ph D degree (70%) and 3 hold MS. Degree (30%).

DPQ has conducted more than 10 scientific research projects or programs with 8 million yuan of fund support. Over the years, more than 300 scientific papers and 8 textbooks/ monographs have been published.

Department of Entomology

Department of Entomologywas founded in 1938. Entomology is the key discipline of Yunnan Province. The department has 15 faculty and staff, including six professors, two associate professors, six lecturers and one laboratory technician.

DE has a complementary system for undergraduate, master degree, doctorate degree, and post-doctor cultivations. With the support from Agricultural Biodiversity Engineering Research Center, Training and Research Center of Southeast Asia Tuber Crops , College of Plant Protection, DE has expanded into several research orientations such as insect taxonomy and systematics, insect physiology and pathology , agricultural biodiversity and integrated pest management, biological pest control, pest quarantine and biosecurity .

DE has undertaken more than 40 scientific research projects ,including the National 973 Projects, National Natural Science Foundation Projects, Foundation Projects of State Science and Technology, scientific research projects of Yunnan Province, and international cooperation projects. The department has won more than 10 scientific research awards and obtained many invention patents. Research papers were published in Entomology News, Entomology Science, The Canadian Entomologist, Journal of the Kansas Entomology Society, Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, Entomology, and many other magazines.

Department of Agricultural Pharmacy

Department of Agricultural Pharmacy(DAP) is affiliated with the College of Plant Protect. There are 2 professors and 4 associate professors. DAP offers master’s and doctor’s programs of pesticide, and provides more than 8,00 square meters of opening laboratory with high standard teaching and research facilities for undergraduate and graduate. In recent 5 years, more than200 papers and 7 textbooks and monographs were published. DAP has undertaken more than 20 research projects with more than 800 million yuan of research fund.

Major of Plant Protection

The major of Plant Protection was established in 1938. It was evaluated as the key major of Yunnan province in 2001. 1 Ph.D program of plant protection and 3 master programs including plant pathology, Entomology and Agricultural Pharmacy are offered.

The major focuse on the training of the profession technicians engaged in science teaching, scientific research, technology development and promotion, management of plant protection.

Main courses offered are plant physiology, Soil- Fertilizer science, Genetics, Crop Cultivation Science, General Plant Pathology, General Entomology, Agricultural Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology, Pesticide Science, Plant Quarantine.

Gradualtes undertake work in research, teaching, promotion and management of plant protection, conversation and utilization of biodiversity.

Major of Animal and Plant Quarantine(Plant Quarantine)

The major of Plant Quarantine, established in 2004, offers 3 Ph.D programs including Plant Pathology, Entomology and Agricultural Pharmacy, and 1 master program of Invasive biology.

The major focuse on the training of the profession technicians Engaged in integrated pest management, entry and exit plant quarantine and domestic plant quarantine, quarantine pest control processing, agricultural biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of professional talents.

Main courses are Entomology, plant pathology, pesticide science, Plant Quarantine,Risk Analysis of Alien Invasive Pest(PRA).

The graduates take work in research, teaching, pest management, risk analysis of alien invasive pest.

Major of Forest Protection

The major of Forest Protection was established in 2013. The major has one 1stlevel Ph.D degree program of plant protection and 3 master degree programs including plant pathology, Entomology and Pesticide science.

The major focuse on the training of the profession technicians engaged in teaching, research, scientific technology extension and management on the forest protection, pest management on forest plants, and plant quarantine in agriculture.

Main courses offered are Dendrology, Forest Plant Insects, Forest Plant Pathology, Agricultural Pharmacy, Plant Quarantine, Plant Physiology.

The graduates take work in teaching, scientific research, promotion and management in forest protection, forest pest inspection and quarantine, conservation and utilization of agricultural biodiversity.