Introduction of College of Plant Protection

College of Plant Protection (CPP) at Yunnan Agricultural University (YNAU) can be dated back to 1938, when the Department of Agronomy was founded in the Yunnan University. It has a long history of more than 70 years.

CPP owns four departments, including Department of Plant Pathology, Department of Entomology, Department of Agricultural Pharmacy, Department of Forest Protection, 1 Agro-Biodiversity Applied Technology National Engineering Research Center and two staff bureaus.

CPP has a complementary system for undergraduate, master degree, doctorate degree, and post-doctor cultivations. CPP currently is authorized to offer 5 doctorate programs, 5 master programs, 3 undergraduate programs and 1 post-doctoral station. There are 66 doctoral students, 221 master students, 619 undergraduates and over 300 correspondence students, and 6 post doctotoral researchers studing and working in CPP.

CPP has 75 faculty members, including 1 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 Chief Scientists of the National Basic R&D Program (973 Program), 24 professors, 25 associate professors, 29 lecturers, 17 doctoral supervisors, twenty-seven Master supervisors. CPP is in close collaboration with other domestic and international universities and institutes, such as International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), International Potato Center (CIP), International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI), Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 4 Innovation Groups of Ministry of Science and Technology and Yunnan Province. There are 40 visiting professors from England, the United States, Japan,and Italy.

The department currently has a floor space of over 15,340 m2 of classroom and laboratories with many high standard teaching and research facilities. 8000 m2 of Experimental Greehouse, 408 m2 of Experimental Farm and 10 demonstration and promotion bases.

In the past five years, CPP has undertaken about 40 national key projects and international cooperative projects such as 1 Global Environment Foundation, 3 National Basic R&D Program of China, over 30 National Natural Science Foundation and 3 international cooperation program. The total research grant is more than 150 million yuan.

CPP scientists has won 2 international prizes, including one prize from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO), and 6 National and Provincial or Ministerial Prizes.

All of our programs feature a carefully designed balance of theoretical principles and hands-on experience to produce a well rounded graduate who is prepared for the 21st century workplace. As a result our graduates are in high demand and frequently have jobs before graduation.