Features and Advantages of College of Tobacco Science

Through 30-year efforts, College of Tobacco Science has formed its own features and superiority in the researches of physiology of tobacco cultivation and tobacco leaf quality, tobacco nutrition and fertilization, ecological environment and tobacco leaf quality, management of tobacco planting soil, tobacco leaf curing, tobacco leaf flavoring and tobacco standard production. Current research programs are: “starch metabolism of flue-cured tobacco and influence on aroma and flavor of tobacco leaves”, “study on technology of seedling production with float system”, “effects of nitrogen forms on quality of tobacco leaves”, “study on techniques of adjusting and controlling of potassium in tobacco plant”, “study on techniques of tobacco planting soil conservation ”, “nutrient management in flue-cured tobacco planting system”, “development of manure for flue-cured tobacco”, “development of organic tobacco”, “study on the system of quality evaluation and management of tobacco leaves ”, “study on the system of industrial grading of tobacco leaves”, “relationship of ecological environment and quality of tobacco leaves”, “study on water-loss rules during tobacco cured”, etc.