Introduction of College of Tobacco Science

College of Tobacco Science of Yunnan Agricultural University is the first professional college in China which was established in 1986. It mainly trains bachelors and masters engaging in tobacco production and management, as well as teaching and research of tobacco science. The college has a staff of 26 including 3 professors, 10 associate professors, 2 senior lab assistants, 9 lecturers, and 2 teaching assistants. It has now 426 undergraduates and 11 postgraduates. The college attaches great importance to the combination of teaching and research with tobacco production, and cooperates closely with cigarette enterprises, research institutions, focusing on researches in the fields of high-quality tobacco production (such as cultivation, soil fertilizer management, pest control, and curing), tobacco mellowing, tobacco leaf flavoring and personnel training. In recent 5 years, the teachers hosted 6 national research projects, over 10 provincial research projects, and more than 60 tobacco industrial projects, with a total research expenditure of over 60 million Yuan. The college has won 12 scientific research awards at provincial and prefecture levels, and 7 teaching-achievement awards (including 2 first prizes, and 1 second prize of Yunnan province). Up to now, about 400 graduates of the college have been employed by famous tobacco and cigarette enterprises.