Features and Advantages of College of Vocational and Continuing Education

The Running Features and Advantages of Vocational and Continuing Education College

Adult higher education and continuing education of Yunnan Agricultural University carries forward the spirit of our University, taking serving the society, new countryside construction and developing Yunnan plateau agriculture as the goal, with the guiding ideology of basing in Yunnan province, it faces the rural areas, serves the countryside, agriculture and the farmers and runs the college in an opening way. Based on adult correspondence education, we develop the modern distance education actively, expanding the school scope, not only providing junior college education,but also having undergraduate courses, self-taught examination, and carrying out all kinds of training course in different levels. Besides, we have the consciousness of service, quality and competition. With the exploration and development of the past 30 years, multilevel, multiform and various scale school-running patterns have been formed, which is needed by the learning society, and contains academic education, non-academic education, and life-long education. The development ideas and management concept were formed which are based on the structural adjustment, focusing on improving the education level, expanding the school running forms, carrying out the education reform, standardizing teaching management, and improving the teaching quality,.

Adult higher education and continuing education of Yunnan Agricultural University has formed the cooperative educational pattern for years. We cooperated with many higher vocational colleges, specialized secondary Schools, enterprises and some government departments both inside and outside the province. The provincial adult higher education running network system which is composed of correspondence branches, correspondence stations and teaching schools was built. Thus the influence and competitiveness of our adult higher education were improved in and out of the province.