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Brief introduction to the Training Base for the Women Leaders of Getting Rich withScience and Technology in Rural Areas in Yunnan Province.

“The Training Base for the Women Leaders of Getting Rich with Science andTechnology” was established by Yunnan Provincial Women’s Federation in Yunnan Agricultural University on Oct. 8th, 2010. In order to take advantage of scientific research and education in University, implement “the Project for the Women of Getting Rich with Science and Technology”, improve the cultural and scientific qualities and innovation abilities of the women capable of getting rich in rural areas, train more and more new-type farmers, guide the capable women to get rich by associated management, professional farms, family farms and the new-type farmers cooperatives, and train a lot of rural women technology talents who can adapt to the development of the agricultural modernization, this training base was established by Yunnan Provincial Women’s Federation and Yunnan Agricultural University. The contents of the training are social etiquette, the new practical technology for planting and breeding, family farm, professional knowledge for farm management, and practical marketing knowledge, etc.

The Training work for the Women Leaders of Getting Rich with Science and Technologyhas been done by Yunnan Provincial Women’s Federation and Yunnan Agricultural University for 16 years so far. We held 24 training classes, and 2,425 rural women leaders of getting rich with science and technology were trained. After training, the cultural qualities, scientific and technological level and management ability of the female farmers in Yunnan rural areas were improved, and the rural women made positive contributions during the new countryside construction.

The introduction to Yunnan Agricultural Education Research Association

Yunnan Agricultural Education Research Association was founded in December 1994 which is a provincial Association. The Society Secretariat is located in Yunnan Agricultural University, The institute is managed specifically by the Institute of Agricultural Education. Provincial Association is competent authorities of the Council; The institute is affiliated to Yunnan Education Commission, and accepts operational guidance of the Agriculture Department in Yunnan, and Yunnan Agricultural University. Journal of the Society is the magazine of Yunnan Agricultural Education Research, which is an internal issue of the quarterly journal, and agricultural and forestry colleges across the country conducted publications exchange. The Society has 54 member organizations, membership of 240 people, covering the full-time education at the high, middle and primary three-level agriculture, forestry, water, livestock, farm machinery, weather, agriculture, rural science and other industries, correspondence education, adult education of the whole provincial agricultural education, self-examination, short-term training, radio and television education, agriculture and other school which composed of a higher form of agriculture as the leading medium secondary schools as the backbone of agriculture, vocational and technical education as the foundation of the province's agricultural education network system.

The Association organizes a large academic annual meeting, 2 to 3 times seminars, conduct special research organization members, and the establishment of the Academic Committee, the project will carry out this task, the identification and assessment of outstanding paper work. Society and the new Thai Farmers Association (FFT) to form a friendship societies, organized experts and scholars and practitioners study tour to Thailand, while actively recommend membership to the province to participate in Symposium.

The main work of the Institute is that: 1. Strengthening the ideological construction of its members, researching and ensuring the sustained and healthy research work; 2. Researching, brainstorming, and actively promoting the reform and development of agricultural education in our province; 3. Solidifying the foundation to ensure ongoing research work and healthy conduct; 4. Perfecting " Yunnan Agricultural Education Research" website, putting up the exchange, three-dimensional platform for showing; 5. Actively seeking the strong support of relevant departments, creating a favorable environment for development; 6. Holding convene annual Conference and Standing Council meeting.

The brief introduction to Yunnan Vocational Teacher Training Base

(Yunnan Agricultural University)

In 1999, Yunnan Agricultural University was listed as vocational teacher training base by Yunnan Department of Education. So far, it trained 1,300 vocational teachers for all levels of vocational schools in Yunnan, which included undergraduate, specialist (including Adult Education). In addition, 4912 people were trained as non-academic education in the short-term training of vocational teachers. The College of Continuing Education and Vocational Education works as the administrative department of University, which sets up various professional continuing education majors in other institutions, and they undertake the corresponding training which provides a wide range of vocational teachers a solid organization protection.

The aims of the Vocational Teacher Training Base are "Service vocational education along with the issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area". After ten years of development, it gradually formed its specialties which combine the discipline advantage and the vocational education, with the service of modern vocational education and new rural construction distinctive characteristic, it becomes a more-integrated base that includes graduate education, undergraduate education and special education.