Deaprtments and Majors of College of Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering

Introduction to Department of Hydraulic Engineering

The Department of Hydraulic Engineering was established in 1966, which was the first hydraulic department of the higher education in the Yunnan province. Through the development of several decades,the Department of Hydraulic Engineering has the two Master Programs of a first level discipline “Agricultural Engineering” and a second level discipline “Agricultural Hydraulic Building”. The Department of Hydraulic Engineering has two majors: Agricultural Water Engineering and Hydropower Engineering, among which Agricultural Water Engineering is Yunnan provincial major course, Hydropower Engineering is the national-level “Pilot Project of Professional Comprehensive Reform”, the key and characteristics construction major in Yunnan general universities, and “the Educational Training Project of the Excellence Engineer” construction major in Yunnan province.

The Department of Hydraulic Engineering now has the laboratory of materials and structure, geotechnical engineering and measurement, which provide the teaching practice field for students, meanwhile provide the good scientific research condition for faculty members. In addition, the several practice base at inside and outside of the University are founded in the Department of Hydraulic Engineering, where the students could have the designing experiments and the scientific research activities.

Presently, the department has 27 faculty and staff members. Among them, 23 faculty members include 1 school-level master teachers, 3 professors, and 8 associate professors. Lots of students, over 3,000, graduated from the department of hydraulic engineering for many years. Many graduates are in positions of considerable technical and managerial responsibility and have made great contributions to hydropower development and management in the country.

In recent years, taking the advantages of the department, the faculty in the department has conducted many research projects, have successively taken on more than 30 projects, including nationallevel, ministerial level and Yunnan education department. The research coming from these studies has been put into engineering practice. Meanwhile, many academic achievements have been published in journals or monographs. According to statistics, more than 100 articles and 10 monographs or textbooks have been published. The faculty members of the department have gained 1 Provincial Science-Technology Advance third Awards and 5 Provincial Teaching Achievement Award.

Department of Water Resources and Water Environment

The Department of Water Resources and Water Environment is attached to Water Conservancy College of Yunnan Agricultural University. There are 24 staffs in this department including 2 professors, 8 associate professors, 6 Master’s Supervisors, 5 Doctors, 17 Masters (including 2 Doctor Candidates). This department focuses on professional programming and construction of agricultural water conservancy engineering, and soil water conservation and desertification combating engineering. Moreover, it also provides specialized courses and specialized fundamental courses to graduate students.

Use water as a mirror, study broadly and behave kindlyis the motto of our department. After several years’ developing, this department cooperates with many other universities, research institutes and enterprises. It also integrates with Yunnan Technology and Research Center of Agricultural Water-saving Engineering awarded by Yunnan Science and Technology Department, Research Center of Water Resources and Water-saving Irrigation Engineering awarded by Yunnan Education Department, and Yunnan Agricultural University Key Laboratory of Water-saving Irrigation under special situation of Yunnan province. Researches and production services are proceed deeply and widely in many aspects such as efficient use of water in agriculture, water-saving irrigation, agricultural drought prevention, land reclamation, and soil water conservation. Therefore, the quality of undergraduate education is improved.

In recent 5 years, abundant achievements are obtained in the department consisting of 64 papers, 2 patents, 7 academic monographs and textbook, more than 30 research projects including 2 National Science Foundations of China, and more than 50 production projects.

Introduction of Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Architectural Engineering was originally established in 2006 on the basis of the Discipline Group of Agricultural Construction. Currently it holds 23 staff, including 6 faculties with senior professional titles or above, 17 faculties with intermediate professional titles and 17 faculties with master's degrees or doctor's degrees, who are mainly dedicating to the management and coordination of education and teaching and research in Civil Engineering.

The department is now making great efforts actively to promote the development of the discipline construction, fulfill the basic functions of the department, and stick to the main management goals: taking the disciplinary construction as leading flagship, the improvement of faculty’s teaching standard as the key point, and the development of scientific research quality and academic level as the main task.