Scientific Research Platform of College of Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering

YunnanTechnology and Research Center of Agricultural Water-saving Engineering

Yunnan Technology and Research Center of Agricultural Water-saving Engineering (AWE-YTRC) is identified by Yunnan Science and Technology Department in Oct. 2012. AWE-YTRC is integrated with Yunnan College and University Research Center of Water Resources and Water-saving Irrigation Engineering, and Yunnan Agricultural University Key Laboratory of Water-saving Irrigation. This center is supposed to develop modern water-saving agriculture based on serious situation of seasonal lack of water in Yunnan. Agricultural water-saving technology and equipment will be imported. Demonstration platform about research and development of Yunnan agricultural water-saving technology will be established by integrating current supporting and participating institutes. Technology supporting and services about agricultural water-saving will be provided by AWE-YTRC in Yunnan province.

There are 39 professionals in AWE-YTRCincluding 9 professors, 16 associate professors, 4 lectures, 2 senior engineers, 8 engineers, 9 Doctors and 21 Masters. Professor Wen Jun is the Director of this center.

AWE-YTRC researches on efficient use and better allocations of water resources, water conservancy informatization technologies, and agricultural water-saving theories and technologies. Moreover, technology services including water resources optimization distribution, water conservancy engineering consultation and design, water conservancy informatization packaged technologies, and water-saving irrigation technology popularization and application are mainly research fields of this center. Recently, AWE-YTRC is supported by more than 60 national and provincial projects, and is granted by ¥15,000,000.

The area of this center is 600m2. The total value of equipment is more than ¥2,000,000. AWE-YTRC recruits and cultivates postgraduate students based on master degree programs and provincial level key disciplines of Agriculture Water Soil Engineering. After several years developing, Production-Education-Research Base is established to achieve the goal of teaching, research and practice in this center.

An Introduction to Engineering Research Center of Science and Technology of Land and Resources

Engineering research center of science and technology of land and resources was established in 2009. Director of the Center is Professor Yu Jianxin. The center has four departments: integrated office, land use evaluation laboratory, land reclamation and improvement engineering technology laboratory, land and geographic information technology laboratory.

In view of complicated physical geography, weak ecological environments and various land use patterns of Yunnan Province, the center outstands the basal, commonweal and key status of land resources in development of economy and society and restructuring of ecological environments. Basing on realities of Yunnan and facing China and Southeast Asia, our teamkeeps in step with the hot spots and difficulties of research in field of land resource, we also explore the theory and technology of land resources optimal allocation and comprehensive regulation, and we launch research, production and education of science of land resource.

In recent years, our team has undertaken over 30 scientific research items of state level or provincial level, and over 100 planned projects of land consolidation. The funds of scientific research had reached 30 million. We had obtained many ministerial or provincial level prizes, over 10 Patents and software's copyrights. We also had cultivated more than 20 young teachers, 500 students and mass professionals of land for our society. We are creating an innovative and professional team of land scientific research, constructing the system of special features to serve the integration of production, use, teaching and research.

The center hastwo provincial research platforms. one is field scientific observation & research bases for land use in Yunnan Luliang of ministry of land and resources, and another is Yunnan engineering laboratory for Utilization and protection of land resources. The center also has more than ten research and demonstration bases, and abundant equipment. These conditions ensure the healthy development of the center.