Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Practice of Yunnan Agricultural University’s Innovative and EntrepreneurialEducation

1.Perfected the training scheme, optimized the curriculum system and reformed the teaching methods.

Since 2000, the four-time revision of the talents cultivating program has perfected the model of emphasizes the basis, practice, innovation, entrepreneurship and the cultivation of individuality. The optimization of the curriculum system has established a scheme of curriculum teaching which includes “three modules” (public courses, subject common courses, professional courses) and “three platform”(the platform of quality-oriented education, professional education, teaching practice and individualized education), and has adjusted the proportion of teaching time, increased the proportion of the self-directed learning and brought the innovative and entrepreneurial education into the credit management system. Besides, it has provided the whole students with some innovative and entrepreneurial categories’ compulsory and elective courses such as “career planning” “employment and entrepreneurship” “university students’ KAB entrepreneurial basis” and so on. In addition, it has set up 10 extracurricular practical compulsory credits which students have to obtain by participating in various academic competitions, scientific research, and social practice etc. what’s more, it also continuously strengthen the construction of students’ Autonomous Learning Center and the courses’ website, satisfy the need of student’s autonomous learning and individualized development. Last but not least, it has reformed the teaching methods, flexibly utilize heuristic and participatory teaching method, and gradually increase the method of discussing, debating and researching. The students were required to complete learning tasks by “course project”, curricular dissertation, survey report, research dissertation and other forms. Through these forms, extend the teaching theory from class to extracurricular. Expand the teaching practice from laboratory and practical base to academic competitions, social service and the popularization of science and technology.

Through exploration and practice, it is preliminarily came into being a education and teaching system which combines in and outside class, combines theory and practice, and lay emphasis on innovative and entrepreneurial education and the development of individual, making the professional and ideological education and innovative and entrepreneurial education ran through the whole teaching process. The freshman year focuses on the inspiration of awareness and career planning education; the sophomore year carry out some innovative and entrepreneurial activities in teaching practice; the junior year promote the innovative and entrepreneurialability by productive fieldwork; the senior year reflect the innovative product through graduation fieldwork and dissertations, meanwhile strengthen employment guidance and entrepreneurial education.

2.Strengthen the teaching practice, carry out the creative plan and create a “double innovation” atmosphere.

Carry out the three semester academic year system which consists of “two long and one short semester”. During the two long semesters, mainly focus on the theoretical and experimental teaching and the teaching of practical curriculum. As for the third and short semester, mainly and intensively arrange some teaching practice links, scientific research training and social services. According to the characteristics of subjects, in different grades, different semesters, different stages and different teaching links, regard “basic requirements and individualized cultivation” as the essential framework, follow the three levels (basic practice, professional practice and comprehensive practice), deploy the teaching practice links scientifically, carry out the innovative and entrepreneurial practical activities scientifically to fulfill the innovative and entrepreneurial plan.

Lectures, forums, seminars, entrepreneurial figures’ interviews and other series of activities were carried, giving prominence to various forms like students-oriented, integrate into the scenario simulations, group discussion, analyze cases and brainstorming etc. Moreover, held the “Life• Choice• Value” and “youthful Yunnan • Green sail entrepreneurial evening school” series of lectures, invited the experts and scholars both inside and outside school and schoolmates who have established a business successfully to our school to communicate with students face to face. Furthermore, set up some Special Funds which is used for supporting students to carry out all kinds of innovative and entrepreneurial activities. Especially like “students’ innovative and entrepreneurial action funds”, “students’ innovative and experimental funds”, and “independent entrepreneurial funds”. Vigorously carry out the “Challenge Cup” extracurricular academic science and technology works competition, entrepreneurial plan competition, all kinds of professional skill competition, “three big enter the country” social practice and career design activities.

Each college sets up Special Funds, establishes innovative and entrepreneurial bases, and subsidizes students to carry out innovative and entrepreneurial activities. For example, the college of animal science and technology set up “Kunming Zhengda university students’ science and technology innovative and entrepreneurial action funds” and “ShenNong university students’ science and technology innovative action funds”. The college of agricultural and biotechnology set up “students’ innovative funds”, and the college of plant protection established Students’ innovative ability cultivation base, the college of Economics and management established “double creative” practical base and so on. According to the characteristics of subjects, we also carried out various competition activities, such as “Ikebana competition”, “Tea art competition” and “Animal medical professional skills competition” and so on.

3.Perfected safeguard measures, improving the management system and innovate the operating mechanism.

On the base of guarantee the normal teaching operation comprehensively, in order to promote the students’ innovative and entrepreneurial education effects, our school offered guarantee from organization, system, funds, platform and other aspects. Besides, we have founded working mechanisms like students’ science and technology innovative and entrepreneurial action plan leading group, and Students Pioneer Park management committee. Meanwhile, we have formulated a series of rules and regulations, such as “opinions on further strengthening of the carrying out of the students’ innovative and entrepreneurial action”, “the management of undergraduates’ credits”, “opinions on further carry out students’ entrepreneurial work”, “Challenge Cup award-winning works’ reward measures”, “graduates self-employed reward and support measures”, “Students Pioneer Park management measures” etc. Every year, we invested more than one million Yuan to carry out various students’ innovative and entrepreneurial activities; in addition, according to the principle of average every student 65 Yuan allocated special funds to each college, supporting colleges to organize students carry out all kinds of extracurricular science and technology, recreational and sports activities. We also strengthened the construction of teaching practical bases and laboratories, established 101 relatively steady in and out schools’ teaching practical bases, 8 national-level and provincial-level experimental teaching demonstrated center, 17 university or college-level experimental teaching center, also established the Students Pioneer Park and Students KAB entrepreneurial education base.

The innovative and entrepreneurial action plan leading group has developed the training objectives and schemes, clearly formulating the duties and tasks of each section and each college, signed document of liability statements with each college, regarded the educational work of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship as one of the important contents of assessment of student work. At the request of school, each functional section and college set up relevant organization which designated a specially-assigned person to be in charge of. Center on the scheme of students’ innovative and entrepreneurial education, on the premise of having been supervised and urged colleges finishing normal educational tasks, teaching, scientific research, league member, employment and some other functional sections form a working group jointly, organize all kinds of innovative and entrepreneurial education activities, including the establishment, appraisal, examination and approval of every project, the organization, appraisal and award of various competitions. Each college creatively carries out activities highlighting the characteristics of subjects and according to school’s general objective and scheme. We have formed an innovative and entrepreneurial educational management mechanism with school top design, each department guide coordinately, each college organize and carry out.

4.The strengthening of innovative and entrepreneurial awareness and spirit, the improvement of innovative and entrepreneurial ability.

Since the implementation of innovative and entrepreneurial teaching work, the majority of students’ innovative and entrepreneurial awareness and spirit have been promoted obviously. Through the development of innovative and entrepreneurial project research, academic competitions, social practice and some other activities, students have initially grasped the methods of scientific research, improved the ability of analyze and solve problems, promoted personal scientific literacy, and cultivated the truth-seeking and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative spirit of science. In the past four years, the enthusiasm of students’ participation in innovative and entrepreneurial activities was greatly increased; the number of the participants is keep increasing year by year. There are sixty thousands people have attended the research of innovation and pioneering work project、science competition、practical work ,etc. The innovation and pioneering work project Students have applied for are 5205 items, the number of participants is twenty-three thousand, and the number of sanctified items is 1676. There are about 1800 items formed the study theses and reports, and the proportion of students’ attending have increased 30% from 2007 to now. Students have take an active part in the competitions like “the Challenge Cup”, Mathematical Model, English speech, Sand Table Simulation Game, Professional Skill and so on, all of those competitions won 41 items of national-level prizes and 161 items of provincial-level prizes. In addition, the Students Pioneer Parkwhich was established by our school was approved as the original and demonstrated Students Pioneer Parkof Yunnan province in 2011. YangYanSheng who entered college in 2010 major in Tobacco, and ChengJunMing who also entered in 2010 major in Aquaculture and some other students have received the fund from school, and hosted the items such as “YiDaChunXin Manor”, “the Appointment with You”, etc. And our school won the “Prize for outstanding Organization” which is a provincial-level prize in the competition “the Challenge Cup” four times. The activity held by summer vacation volunteers about the science and technology, culture, health named “three big enter the country” is commended jointly by Central Committee, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and Ministry of Education lasting 17 years.

5.The Brilliant Effect of Training the Talents of innovative and entrepreneurial Work

Recent years, the effect of students’ employment improved sharply, the employment rate of graduates exceeds the average level of Yunnan province, and we also obtain excellence continuous 7 years in the Yunnan graduates’ employment target responsibility system assessment. Our school was selected into the top 50 typical experienced universities of graduates’ employment, meanwhile, also are granted the title “the National Advanced Employment Unit” by the State Council. Our school has helped more than 230 students to pioneer work, such as XiongYun ,LiangXiaoLu. The “LangBoWang Pioneering Team” which was pioneer by XiongYun and WangMingGui obtain the title “Excellent Entrepreneur” and this event was recorded by the “the PuMi People Growing in New China”. In the activity of appraise and select, “Yunnan Youth Startup Governor Award”, the graduate MeiWeiYun obtained the Startup Governor Award, and LiZhiGang was nominated in the 2011 . The startup project team “Graduate partners” created by YaoZhao and CaoXingLong is selected as the finalist in the “Kunming warm-heart person” in 2007 and the “Ten People Who Touching the Heart of Yunnan”. And our school was elected as “the Advanced Unit of Yunnan Colleges Encourage Startup” in 2010, 2011and 2012 in succession, and the Students Pioneer Parkbecame the Yunnan first batch College Students Startup Demonstration Garden in 2011 also became the Yunnan College Student Pioneering Training base and Yunnan Startup Demonstration Garden in 2012.