Talent Cultivation

1.OperatingConditions(placing the emphasis on practical teaching)

YAU has 100 practice teaching bases, 12 bases on campus while 85 out of campus. There are 12 practice teaching bases which cover a total area of YAU more than 250 hectares, managed by the relative faculties, it can partly meet the basic demands of some professional experiment and practical teaching forCollege of Pu'er Tea,College of Landscape and Horticulture,College of Tobacco,College of Agronomy and Biotechnology,College of Animal Science and Technology,College of Engineering and Technology,College of Hydraulic and Architectural Engineering and College of Architectural Engineering. In the off-campus bases, we joint declaration with enterprise and got approved of the authorization of the State for construct 4 national off-campus practical teaching bases:

Cooperation talent training base of YAU Honghe Prefecture and source agricultural development co., LTD., undergraduate education off-campus practice base of Agricultural Science Institute of Tobacco in Yunnan Province, DaChun river agricultural engineering training education base in JinNing county, Food Engineering Practice Education Center of YAU, and Daheqiao Modern Agricultural Education Research Base. The largest off-campus practical teaching base invested by our school, covers an area of more than 400 hectares with a series of good equipments, such as dorm buildings, canteens and laboratories building, etc. and have various greenhouses, experimental fields, fishponds, etc. with a high standard equipments including water and electrics, which can admit over 200 students live, do the experiments and practical teaching activities at the same time. Although it has some problem in lacking of the land for teaching, we still get the better teaching effectiveness in terms of undergraduate student experiment and practice teaching through used in combination with the intramural practical teaching bases and the off-campus bases.

According to the latest statistics of 2013, we now have 1 national undergraduate teaching experimental center (AgronomyBasic Teaching Experiment Center),7 provincial experiment teaching demonstration centers, 15 school experiment centers(laboratories).Those cover total using areas are 40 675 square meters, the teaching hours are 6390hours, number of students is 1 354 969, which can meet the demands of basic educate for undergraduates and postgraduates. Each center and laboratory has 100 full-time laboratory staff, including 29 staff are senior professional titles, 49 staff got intermediate titles and other 22 staff ,we also have 336 part-time laboratory staff.

2.Introduction to Undergraduate Program(4years)

We have 63 undergraduate programs, gradually built up an framework regards Agronomy as advantage item, which develop combine with agronomy, engineering, economic, management, science, literature, law, and pedagogy.

We have 19 majors in category of agronomy subjects,30.2 percent of the total majors (24 majors are related to agriculture, account for 38.1 percent of the total majors); 22 majorsin category of engineeringsubjects, 34.9 percent of the total majors;8 majors in category of management subjects,12.7 percent of the total majors; 7 majors in category of science subjects, 11.1 percent of total majors; 3majors in category of literaturesubjects, 4.8 percent of the total majors; and each one majors in category of law subject and category of pedagogysubjects, both account for 1.55 percent of total majors.

3. The Feature of Personnel Training Mode

For the development of society and in need of local economy development, according to an idea for intensify the intension, develop uniquely, exaltation quality, the objective of application and compound’s personnel training with thick foundation, broad caliber, strong ability, the high quality and the diversity, the university will carry the reform of personnel training’s mode forward, set up the course module flexible, add the course for character development based on the broad caliber, the mode of training to hierarchically and diversification people whom has the major-minor or double degree based on the platform with module are formed from the categories of training, excellent engineer, top innovative talents training, the project of excellent talents training and choose the major autonomously.

The feature of reform to personnel training,: focus the feature to concise the objective of specialties’ talents scientifically, focus the ability to establish the system of high quality’s talents systematically, exert ourselves to train the student’s abilities consist of the study, practice, cooperate and communicate, focus the cooperate to explore the multiple ways of training with open and cooperate, to enrich student’s experiences out of school, focus the management, innovate to the mechanism of talent’s training, considering the differences of student’s character and features of individual person adequately, to create a excellent condition for the student’s overall growth and development with individuation, focus the quality, to perfect the management and operate system with quality focus, and to perfect the system of quality control in the core of quality.

For the objective of high quality practical talent’s training, to set up a platform of university’s culture consist teaching practical, starting a creative business, and create a system combining the teaching academic and practice organically, to achieve the combination with education of quality-oriented, professional, creative and carve out. To form the theory teaching system of a platform of public basic, subject together, major basic and the module ways of professional.

To build a practical teaching system of a combination of teaching, researching, working(servicing), and combination of internship in the base of university and the practice out of university, coordinating and unifying the work in specialty, experiment, internship, practice of research and the social service.

To reform the public course, common course in subject, optional course in humanistic quality, combining the teaching in classroom and study individual out of classroom, Adjusting the allocation of period, increasing the proportion of practical teaching, to add it period of practical after school and expansion in major, to reform the setting of semester, to arrange the different practical link reasonably, intensify the teaching of practice.