Sino-Dutch Exchange Program

A Brief Introduction to Sino-Dutch Exchange Project (Specialty of Gardening) of Yunnan Agricultural University

The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in its gardening, horticulture in the world. University of Wageningen is a world-renowned university in the international advanced level in agricultural science, especially in gardening, horticulture, food procession and environmental protection. Bachelor, master and doctoral degree programmes are being offered. Specialty of Gardening (Sino-Dutch Exchange Project) is the admission project of undergraduate students of Yunnan Agricultural University in the process of cooperation and communication with Lauren Weinstein College, the Netherlands. It is aimed at fostering the senior technical personnel, equipped with the basic knowledge and basic skills in Biology and Horticulture and qualified for the engagement of horticulture-related teaching, promotion, development, operation and management in the field of agriculture, commerce and gardening management. After further education in the Netherlands, those distinguished graduates are able to become part of the internationalized high-leveled personnel in agricultural science and technology and agricultural management whom are in bad need of Yunnan Province.

University of Wageningen and Yunnan Agricultural University have cultivated the academic exchange and cooperation relationship for many years. Since 1994, University of Wageningen have offered full scholarships to Yunnan Agricultural University to foster 1 or 2 young teachers. University of Wageningen and Yunnan Agricultural University started a joint enrollment of college students of Gardening majors in 2001. Between 2003-2011, through the selection on the part of both sides, nearly 100 undergraduates were approved to study in University of Wageningen. In 2011, this training program was upgraded to undergraduate system (for four-year-long university study), admitting undergraduates for the second batch.

Students admitted to our university are supposed to study a foreign language and fundamental courses for two years. Distinguished students who pass all the subjects and who score above 6 points in IELTS Exam, can be singled out by both universities to study in the third and in the fourth academic years in University of Wageningen in the Netherlands (2+2 Mode). And those qualified students can be respectively awarded the corresponding bachelor’s degrees by University of Wageningen and Yunnan Agricultural University. Students who are approved to study in University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, can continue to study for a master’s degree or a higher degree there. Those who fail to be approved to study in University of Wageningen, can be granted the corresponding bachelor’s degree by Yunnan Agricultural University after they succeed in completing the study of relevant courses and passing the corresponding assessment. In the process of study in the Netherlands, students should be responsible for all the expenses . Each needs to pay 6000 euros a year for tuition excluding accommodation and living expenses (the specific charge standards will depend on the Netherlands when students go abroad). Student visa and the other relevant procedures will be assisted by University of Wageningen and Yunnan Agricultural University. In the process of study in Yunnan Agricultural University, each student is supposed to pay 4500 RMB each year. Courses given by foreign teachers will be charged by the corresponding academic hours.