Collegeof Agronomyand Biotechnology

Crop Genetics and Breeding


-02Genetics andimproved varietiesof crops

-03Agricultural Biotechnologyand Germplasm

-04Plant Germplasm ResourcesResearch and Utilization

Collegeof PlantProtection

Plant Pathology

-01Biodiversity andPlant DiseaseControl

-02 Molecular PlantPathology

-03Fungal diseasesof plantsandFungi Resources

-04 PlantVirus andPhytoplasmaDiseases

-05PlantBacterial Diseases

-06 Plant NematodeDiseases

-07Biological Controlof Plant Diseases

-08Plant Protection of Urban Garden

-09 PlantQuarantineandBiosecurity

-10 Plant ProtectionIT

-11PlantBreeding for Disease Resistance

-12 MedicinalPlant Protection

Agricultural Entomology andinsect pest control

-01Insect TaxonomyandSystematics

-02 Insect Physiologyand Pathology

-03 Agricultural Biodiversityand Integrated Pest Management

-04 Biological Controlof Pests

-05 PestQuarantineandBiosecurity

Pesticide Science

-01 Biodiversity andPesticide Safety

-02Development andUse ofBio-pesticides

-03 PesticideApplication andEnvironmental Behavior

–04ChemicalEcology andPestResistance Management

Invasion Biology

-01 Basic biological research of invasive species

-02 Mechanism ofFormation and Expansion of Populations of Invasive Species

-03 Effects onEcosystem Structure and Function of the System of Biological Invasion

-04 Invasive SpeciesEarly Warning and Control Technology

Collegeof AnimalScience and Technology

AnimalGenetics and Breeding

-01Evaluation ofAnimal Genetic Resources, Conservation and Utilization

-02 AnimalMolecular Genetic Studies

-03MolecularGenetics and Animal Breeding number of new technologies

-04Basic Research of Inbred lines and appliedfor Bannapigs

-05 AnimalReproductive Physiology and Reproductive Biotechnology

Animal Nutritionand Feed Science

-01MonogastricAnimal Nutrition and Resource Utilization

-02 Ruminant NutritionandResource Utilization

-03 FeedResource Utilization andSafety Assessment

-04 Animal MolecularNutrition and Metabolic Regulation

-05 Animal ProductsQualityand Safety Control

Special Economic AnimalFeeding

-01BeeResource and products utilization

-02 Special Livestock and Poultry Breedinganduse

-03 Breeding Special Aquacultureand Utilization

Grassland Science

-01Yunnan-Guizhou Highland GrasslandResource Utilization

-02The Utilization oftropical and subtropical Germplasm Resources

-03 Grassland(lawn) and Ecological Environment