001College of Marxism

030501 Basic Principle of Marxism

-01 Researchand development ofMarxist theory

-02 Marxism and theAgricultural Science and Technology

- 03Marxistagriculturalideologyandpolicy

-04Marxism and thenew socialist countryside construction

071200 History of Science and Technology

-01Historyand Technology of ChinaSouthwest Minority

-02 History of agriculturalscience and technology

-03 TheResearch of scientific culture and Technology thinking of Minorities in Southwest China

0712Z1 ChinaAgricultural Science and Technology of local History

-01Southwest history of agricultural science and technology in China

-02 Chinesecultural historyof farming

-03Agricultural science and technology and the development of modern agriculture

0712Z2 Ethnic historyof science and technology

-01Minorities Thought and Culture Science and Technology

-02MinoritiesTechnology Development and Social Change

-03Minorities technology heritage and heritage protection

002 College of Humanism and Social Science(0871-65227381)

095111 Agricultural Science and TechnologyOrganization and Service (professional degree)

-00Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

003 College of Engineering and Technology(0871-65227763)

082801Agricultural Mechanization and Engineering

-01Agricultural machinery and equipment and automation

-02Agriculturalmechanization system

-03Special Crops operating machine and processing equipment

-04Power Machineand new energyapplication

082803Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering

-01Agricultural and BiologicalEnvironmental Control

-02 The Research of Agricultural Equipment and Facility

-03 The Development and Utilization of New Energy

082804 Agricultural Electrification and Automation

-01Agricultural ElectrificationEngineering

-02Agricultural Production AutomatizationTechnology

-03 Agricultural InformatizationTechnology

095109 Agricultural Mechanization (professional degree)

-00Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

004 College of Hydraulic and Architectural Engineering(0871-65227761)

082802 AgriculturalSoil and Water Engineering

-01Hydraulic construction

-02Regional development and utilization of water resources

-03TechnologicalEconomy of Water resources

0828Z2Hydraulic construction for Agriculture

-01Small and medium sizedhydraulic structures

-02Hydraulic engineering and hydraulicsandhydraulic model

-03 Agriculturalhydrology

085227Agricultural Engineering(professional degree)

-00Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

0903Z1The Utilization and protectionof land resources

-01Thesurvey and evaluation ofLandResources

-02 The Remediationand Utilization of Land

-03 The plan and management of Land

005 College of Food Science and Technology(0871-65335182)

0832Z1 Functional Foods

-01Purification and Functional Food Ingredient Production Process

-02New Feature development and Efficacy of Food Functional Factors

-03 TheResearch and Development of Functional Food

-04 The Safety and Quality Control of Functional Food

0832Z2 Nutrition MetabolismImmunology

-01 TheNutrients ofFood Regulating metabolism immune mechanism

-02Lack of nutrients and the metabolic and immunological diseases

03 Nutritional and metabolicimmunomodulatory food and the research and development related products

085231Food Engineering(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

097201 Food and Science

-01Food Biotechnology

-02The Control of Food Safetyand Quality

-03Nutrition and Food Safety

097203Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Engineering

01Storageand processing ofHorticultural and Gardening Products

-02 Storageand processinglivestock products

-03 Thetechnologies and principles of the Preservation of traditional ethnic food processing

006College of Agronomy and Biotechnology(0871-65227731)

071001 Botany

-01Evaluation and utilization of resources in higher plants

-02 Evaluation and utilizationof resourcesmushroom

-03 TheEcology of Highland climateandPlant Physiology-04 Theregulation ofplant gene expression and metabolic analysis

071010 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

-01Exploitationandutilizationof genetic resources

-02 Regulation of gene expressionand signal transduction

-03Molecular Design

-04 The metabolic engineering

090101Crop Cultivationand Farming

-01Research on the Sustainable Development of Mountain Agriculture

-02Physiology and Ecology of PotatoCrop

-03Research on theMechanism ofsuper high yieldingrice

-04Research and Utilization of SugarcaneResources

-05Research and Utilizationof Edible Fungi

090102 Crop Genetics and Breeding

-01Utilization of CropHeterosis

-02Genetics andvariety improvementof crops

-03Agricultural Biotechnologyand Germplasm

-04 TheResearch and Utilization of Plant Germplasm resources

0901Z2 MedicinalPlant Resources

-01Evaluation ofMedicinal PlantResources and Germplasm Enhancement

-02Chinese herbal medicinesafetyand monitoring

-03 Chemistry of Medicinal Plants Resources and Development and Utilization

-04Medicinal plant cultivation and physiological ecology

095101Crop(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

095115 The seed industry(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

007 College of Landscape and Horticulture(0871-65227654)

090201 Pomology

-01Fruit treebreeding andgeneticresource utilization-02Arboricultureand Physiology

-03New Technologiesof Fruit treescultivation

-04Fruit treesBiotechnology

-05 TheResearch and Utilization of Wild Horticultural Plants

090202 Olericulture

-01Vegetable cultivationand physiology

-02Vegetablegenetics and breeding



-05Research and Utilization ofvegetableGermplasm Resources

0902Z2 Ornamentalhorticulture

-01Genetics and Breeding of OrnamentalPlant

-02Ornamental plant cultivation physiology and technology

-03Ornamental plant Germplasm resources development, utilization and protection

-04Physiology and Technology after Ornamental plants harvest

-05OrnamentalPlant Biotechnology

090706 Ornamental Plants andHorticulture

-01 Theutilizationand Innovation of Garden plantresource

-02Gardenplant cultivationand physiology


-04 Landscape DesignandPlant Landscaping

095102 Horticulture(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

008 College of Pu'er Tea0871-65226508

090203 Tea Science


-02TeaBiochemistry andefficacy

-03Tea processingandquality control

-04Teaculture andtea economy

095102 Horticulture(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

009 College of Resources and Environment0871-65227651

083002 Environmental Engineering

-01Environmental and ecological engineering

-02 Agricultural nonpoint source pollutioncontrol engineering

-03 Remediation of environmental pollution and utilization

-04 Agro-ecological engineering

-05 EnvironmentalMonitoring and Assessment

085229 Environmental Engineering(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

0902Z1 Facility Cultivationand Environment

-01Facilitiesof Crop Cultivation

-02Evolution and improvement of soil quality facilities

-03Environmental monitoringand controlfacilities

-04Physiology and Ecology of CropFacilities

090301Soil Science

-01 Remediation of polluted soil

-02 Soil fertilityand cropgrowth

-03 SoilGeography

-04Soil nutrient cycling and non-point source pollution control

-05Land planning, evaluation and the use of soil improvement

090302 Plant Nutrition

-01Efficient use of Nutrient resources

-02Nutrition and Fertilization of SpecialCrop

-03Precious fertilization and the control of agricultural nonpoint source pollution

-04Plant nutritionanddisease control

-05 Utilization oforganic wastefertilizers

0903Z2 Agricultural Environmental Protection

-01Remediation of polluted farmland soil

-02Agricultural nonpoint source pollutioncontrol

-03The use of Agriculturalsolid waste disposal

-04The Treatment and Utilization of Townsewage

090707Conservation of Soil and Water and Control of Desertification

-01Soil erosion andEnvironment

-02Land development andwaterconservation engineering

-03The Conservation and Monitoring of Soil and Water and 3S technology applications

-04The conservation of Soil and water and the sustainable use of arable land

095103Agriculture Resource Utilization(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

097101Environment Science

-01EnvironmentEcologyand ultraviolet radiation Ecology

-02Agricultural EnvironmentPollution Control

-03Remediationof Soil heavy metals, pesticides Pollution

-04Environmental monitoring, evaluation and Planning Management

-05Ecological environmentdiversity andplant responses

010 College of Plant Protection(0871-65223049)

090401 Plant Pathology★

-01Biodiversity andPlant DiseaseControl

-02 Molecular PlantPathology

-03Fungal diseasesof plantsandFungi Resources

-04 PlantVirus andPhytoplasmaDiseases

-05PlantBacterial Diseases

-06 Plant NematodeDiseases

-07Biological Controlof Plant Diseases

-08Plant Protection of Urban Garden

-09 PlantQuarantineandBiosecurity

-10 Plant ProtectionIT

-11PlantBreeding for Disease Resistance

-12 MedicinalPlant Protection

090402 Agricultural Entomology andinsect pest control★

-01Insect TaxonomyandSystematics

-02 Insect Physiologyand Pathology

-03 Agricultural Biodiversityand Integrated Pest Management

-04 Biological Controlof Pests

-05 PestQuarantineandBiosecurity

090403 Pesticide Science ★

-01 Biodiversity andPesticide Safety

-02Development andUse ofBio-pesticides

-03 PesticideApplication andEnvironmental Behavior

–04ChemicalEcology andPestResistance Management

0904Z1 Invasion Biology ★


Rùqīn wùzhǒng de jīchǔ shēngwù xué yánjiū


Basic biological research of invasive species

-02 Mechanism ofFormation and Expansion of Populations of Invasive Species

-03 Effects onEcosystem Structure and Function of the System of Biological Invasion

-04 Invasive SpeciesEarly Warning and Control Technology

095104 Plant Protection(professional degree)

-00Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

011 College of Animal Science and Technology(0871-65220623)

090501 AnimalGenetics and Breeding★

-01Evaluation of Animal Genetic Resources, Conservation and Utilization

-02 AnimalMolecular Genetic Studies

-03Molecular Genetics and Animal Breeding number of new technologies

-04Basic Research of Inbred lines and appliedfor Bannapigs

-05 AnimalReproductive Physiology and Reproductive Biotechnology

090502 Animal Nutritionand Feed Science★

-01Monogastric Animal Nutrition and Resource Utilization

-02 Ruminant NutritionandResource Utilization

-03 FeedResource Utilization andSafety Assessment

-04 Animal MolecularNutrition and Metabolic Regulation

-05 Animal ProductsQualityand Safety Control

090504 Special Economic AnimalFeeding★

-01BeeResource and products utilization

-02 Special Livestock and Poultry Breedinganduse

-03 Breeding Special Aquacultureand Utilization

0905Z1 Animal ProductionScience

-01Modernanimal production

-02Animal Ecology andEnvironmental Engineering

-03Animalbreeding managementandproduction systems

090601 Basic Veterinary Science

-01VeterinaryPathology andFoodSafety Evaluation

-02Animal Pharmacologyand Toxicology

-03Animal Physiologyand Biochemistry

-04Animal Anatomyand Embryology

090602 Preventive Veterinary Medicine

-01AnimalMolecular Microbiologyand Immunology

-02Animal Infectious Diseases and Molecular Epidemiology

-03Animal Molecular Pathology and Comparative Pathology

-04Veterinary Parasitologyandparasitology

-05Animal food hygiene inspection and quarantine technology

090603 Clinical Veterinary Medicine

-01Animal ClinicalDiagnostics

-02Animal Nutritionand Metabolic Diseases



0906Z1 VeterinaryPublic Health

-01Animal-derivedfood safetyresearch



090900 Grassland Science★

-01Yunnan-Guizhou Highland Grassland Resource Utilization

-02The Utilization oftropical and subtropical Germplasm Resources

-03 Grassland(lawn) and Ecological Environment

095105 Aquaculture(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

095106Grassland Scienceprofession(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

095200 Veterinary(professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

012 College of Economics and Management(0871-65227802)

095110Rural and Regional Development (professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

120301Agricultural Economics and Management

-01The Theory andPolicy of AgriculturalEconomic

-02Resourceand Environment Management

-03Regional Economicand Rural Development

-04Business management

-05Financial Policy and Finance

120302Forestry Economics and Management

-01Forestry EconomicTheory and Policy

-02Forestry industry practices and methods

-03Sustainable management of forest resources and management

1203Z1RuralFinancial Management

-01Accounting Theory and Practice

-02Auditing theoryand methods

-03Financial ManagementTheory and Practice

-04Theoryof Public Financeand Policy

1203Z2Ruraland Regional Development

-01Rural Developmentand Management

-02Regional DevelopmentTheory and Policy

-03Economic Developmentin Ethnic Areas

1203Z3Regionaleconomic management

-01The specialty of Regionaleconomy

-02GMSEconomic Cooperation

-03National and Regional Economy

013 College of IT(0871-65848059)

0828Z1 Agricultural Information Technology and Engineering

-01Agricultural Information Technology

-02Artificial Intelligenceand Applications

-03NetworkingTechnology and Application

095112Agricultural Informatization (professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

014College of Tobacco(0871-65227816)

0901Z1Tobacco Science

-01The Evaluation and Utilization of Tobaccogermplasm

-02The production and processingof raw tobacco materials

-03 TobaccoChemistryandengineering

095101Crop (professional degree)

-00 Does not distinguish the direction ofResearch

015 College of Architecture Engineering0871-65150580

0830J1 Urban and Rural ConstructionEngineering and Management

-01Urban and ruralwater supply and drainage engineering

-02Economic and Management for Urban and Rural Technology Construction

-03Urban and rural constructionengineering