There are 4 national research institutions and centers at Yunnan Agricultural University(YAU): the National Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center for Agriculture Majors, the National Engineering Research Center for Agricultural Biodiversity Technology and Application, and the National Pu’er Tea Accreditation Center. 25 ministry and province key laboratories and research centers are also based at YAU, such as the Agriculture Biodiversity, Pest and Disease Control Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education. Crop Germplasm Resources Innovation and Sustainable Utilization Center along with the other 8 institutes are the university key laboratories and research centers of Yunnan Province. YAU is also proud of having Yunnan Province Innovative Talent Training Base for Agriculture Biodiversity and Biotechnology and Yunnan Province Innovative Talent Training Base for Environment Science and Engineering. The university also has 24 university level research institutes and Centers, the university experiment farm, the practice plants and 60 out-of-the university practice teaching bases.

Making good use of the abundant resources of Yunnan Province, the university has made a series unique achievement regarding agriculture science and products. Professor Li Zhengyou and his team has made a successful pioneer research on the implementation of the “three lines” mating of hybrid japonica rice, and made the world record of hybrid japonica per unit yield reaching 1,108.55 kg. Professor Zeng Yangzhi and his fellow researchers have dedicated to conducting research on Xishuangbanna miniature pig inbred line for 32 years. Their research has accomplished breeding 26 generations, and inbreeding coefficient reached 99.96%, ranking the international leading level. Professor Zhu Youyong and his team proposed the theory and technology about using biodiversity in crop pest and disease control. Their research result has been published in “Nature” as the cover article,and is highly reviewed and recognized by academia home and abroad. Professor Sheng Jun and his fellow researchers has innovated Pu'er tea production process, and registered more than 10 patents. Their research has attained the instant Pu'er tea powder technology, and achieved a clean, standardized, large-scaled production.

The university researchers have succeeded in breeding more than 100 new crop varieties, including rice, corn, sugar cane and potato etc. These new crop varieties have been cultivated in the Southwest region of China and Southeast Asia, reaching 160 million mu.

The University faculties also have bred the local livestock and poultry varieties, such as Yunnan Dahe swine, Diansa swine mating line, Longling Yellow sheep, and Wuding black bone chicken. These varieties have been bred extensively, and the estimated number is 150 million.

More than 2,200 scientific projects have been undertaken by YAU, including GEF (Global Environment Facility, the United Nations) Project, the state 973 Project, the state 863 Project, the Science and Technology Supporting program, the National Science Foundation for key projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, and the National Social Science Foundation of China projects. The research budget is 320 million in the year of 2012.

YAU Scientific research achievements have received more than 300 prizes from the international, national, ministerial, and provincial organizations, of which are the Scientific Research First Prize given by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), CGIAR (the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research) Outstanding Science Award, the National Technology Invention Second Prize, theHeliangheli Science Award, and the Provincial Science Award.

In 2012, 1039 research papers were published, including 113 SCI and EI retrieved papers. 45 monographs and 14 textbooks have been published.