Outstanding Achievements

“Three Lines” Mating of Hybrid Japonica Rice

Professor Li Zhengyou and his team has made a successful pioneer research on the implementation of the “three lines” mating of hybrid japonica rice, and made the world record of hybrid japonica per unit yield reaching 1,108.55 kg. This accomplishment was received the National Science Congress Award.

XishuangbannaMiniature Pig Inbred Line

Professor Zeng Yangzhi and his fellow researchers have dedicated to conducting research on Xishuangbannaminiature pig inbred line for 32 years. Their research has accomplished breeding 26 generations, and inbreeding coefficient reached 99.96%, ranking the international leading level.

Using Biodiversity in Crop Pest and Disease Control

Professor Zhu Youyong and his team proposed the theory and technology about using biodiversity in crop pest and disease control. Their research result has been published in Nature as the cover article, and is highly reviewed and recognized by academia home and abroad.

Pu’er Tea Production Innovation

Professor Sheng Jun and his fellow researchers have innovated Pu'er tea production process, and registered more than 10 patents. Their research has attained the instant Pu'er tea powder technology, and achieved a clean, standardized, large-scaled production.