Institute of New Rural Development
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Institute of New Rural Development (INRD) is an interdisciplinary and open research institution. It was established in December 2012 in accordance with the document of “Establishing the Institution of New Rural Development in Universities from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology " (Educational Technology No. 2012.1), with approval of the Government of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, Department of Science and Technology.

Based on the situations of frontier minority areas, the institute highlights the characteristics of Yunnan Province, and forges the institution into the new business card of Yunnan Agricultural University with 3 to 5-year efforts. INRD will become the source for new rural development theory research of frontier minority areas, the experimental field for facilitating the cross-regional agricultural collaboration and innovation, and the bridgehead for enhancing agricultural technology extension and service in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Making good use of the scientific research achievements, INRD focuses on the difficult and heated problems in the frontier minority areas and rural areas in Yunnan Province, and is undertaking the following major tasks.

1. The Construction of New Rural Service Fields

Through the joint programs of university – local areas, university – enterprises, university – rural organizations, INRD tries to set up a series of comprehensive demonstration fields where technology and service can be provided, and students can fulfill their internship.

2. Macro-strategies Research on New Rural Development

Concentrating on the strategic problems of new rural development in Yunnan region, INRD carries out the policy research and theory innovation, and provides the advisory reports regularly. The institute gives priority to research programs such as Yunnan Provincial food security, agriculture industrialization, rural and urban development, social stability in rural areas, farmer cooperative organizations, new rural talent training, rural population, and rural land circulation.

3. The Construction of Information Service System

Focusing on the needs for new rural development in Yunnan Province, and plateau-featured agriculture and products, INRD constructs the agriculture information sharing database, the information service platform, and the rural information service system by making use of computer , the Internet, and artificial intelligence. Through information sharing, agriculture extension, workshops, electronic commerce, digital agriculture, and modern logistics, the institute provides the systematic and scientific agriculture information services to local farmers so as to promote agriculture standardization, industrialization and modernization.

4. Rural Technician Training

Relying on the resources of Yunnan Rural Administrator Training College, INRD launches different training programs for local rural farmers and technicians, which are supported by the Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Training Base of the Ministry of Agriculture, China-ASEAN Educational Training Center, Food Security Management of Yunnan Province, the Rural Women Wealth Bellwether Training Center, and Yunnan Province Water Conservancy Administrator Training Base.

5. The Innovation of Service System and Mechanism

INRD has successfully launched the “3+3” programs, which means the cooperation between one college and one countryside, the cooperation between one college party committee and one countryside party committee, and the cooperation between one university professor and one local farmer’s family. The institute will further promote the program in Yunnan Province. Through the information network, and integration of science research, education and extension, the institute will provide support for good quality, high yield, and efficiency modern agriculture.