The Experiment Teaching Center for Agriculture Discipline
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The Experiment Teaching Center for Agriculture Discipline is set up to facilitate experiment teaching and laboratory management reform, strengthen practical teaching module and enhance student’s practical and innovative capability. The establishment of the center can integrate the university resources, improve the utilization, hence realizing the sharing of the university resources.

Guided by the principles “sharing and vision”, the university combined the 13 previous laboratories for agriculture discipline, and invested 20 million yuan to build the laboratory building covering an area of 5,200 square meters. By integrating the experiment instruments from 9 colleges and investing 19 million yuan, the center has purchased advanced equipments, and divided into functioning zones, thus promoting the utilization rate and nice settings for conducting experiment. Currently, the center has 1,858 sets of experiment instrument, and each set is worth above 800 yuan. The experiment condition and facilities have reached the national advanced level.

By integrating and sharing of resources and functioning zones, the center serves as a wonderful platform for conducting experiment covering the following fields: botany, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, and soil agricultural chemistry science. The laboratory management system is “university administration, faculty supervision, director responsibility, openness and union, and resource sharing.” The kind of management system has promoted the working efficiency of the center.

At present, there are 90 full-time and part-time teachers and laboratory technicians in the center. 80% have doctor and master degrees. The center is open to 10 colleges, and 29 majors. 35 courses, and 254 programs have carried out the experiments in the center, totaling 6,300 credit hours.

The establishment of the center has set a good example at the university. Other centers have been set up, and were chosen as the experiment teaching demonstration centers of Yunnan Province. These centers have been highly recognized and praised by academicians, experts home and aboard.