Annual performance assessment held for the graduate-turned-counselors of Grade 2015
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    On October 19, 2016, the annual performance assessment was held for the five graduate-turned-counselors of Grade 2015. Vice President Lei Jianyi attended and addressed the meeting.

    Vice President Lei praised what the five graduate-turned-counselors had done and encouraged them to work more diligently in the following year. Besides, he offered three suggestions: 1. fortify their ideal and faith and set up definite goals so as to be faithful and aspiring student counselors; 2. be eager to learn, to observe and to reflect in their spare time; 3. seize every opportunity to improve themselves.

    At the meeting, the five counselors reported on their work, achievements and future plans. After comprehensive assessment, the assessing panel concluded that the five counselors had fulfilled their job responsibilities and made due achievements.

    Du Bin with the Student Affairs Department presided on the assessment, which was attended by heads of the Graduate Office, Personnel Department, Student Affairs Department, Security Department and the League Committee, together with the ten graduate-turned-counselors of Grades 2015 and 2016.