President Sheng Jun gives a lecture to the newly-appointed Party secretaries in Towns and villages of Yunnan
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    In the morning of October 21, 2016, Sheng Jun, YAU president, dean of the Yunnan Institute of Highland Characteristic Agricultural Industries (YIHCAI), and assistant dean of Yunnan Rural Leader College, gave a lecture at the 5th training class for newly-appointed Party secretaries in towns and villages of Yunnan. Two hundred and seventy five trainees attended the lecture themed on ‘Scientific Innovation and Highland Characteristic Agriculture’.


    President Sheng Jun analyzed the structure and features of highland characteristic agriculture (HCA), the transition and upgrade of HCA, and the directions and routes of agricultural modernization in Yunnan. He pointed out that agricultural resources are the biggest advantage in western China, and biodiversity is the biggest advantage of Yunnan. The combination of the ethic culture and historical culture promises a bright prospect for the province. Agriculture is the future of the West. It will provide more opportunities and profits for the region.


    Trainees said President Sheng’s lecture is informative and rewarding. His enlightening analysis of the highland characteristic agriculture, which fits into the actual situation of Yunnan, opened their horizon and expanded their scope of mind so that they realized the drawbacks in local development. Yunnan should promote its distinctive products according to the local conditions. Great progress shall be achieved in economic growth of Yunnan, provided that joint effort is made to develop characteristic agriculture and capitalize online resources.