Programs for Master and Doctor
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 Programs for Master




Basic Principle of Marxism





Physical  Educationprofessional degree

Sporting  Trainingprofessional degree

Social Sports Guidanceprofessional degree


Liberal Arts

 Translation  and Interpretation (professional degree)





Environmental Engineering  (professional degree)

Agricultural Mechanization  Engineering

Agro-Biological  Environment and Energy Engineering

Agricultural Electrification and  Automation

Machinery Design and Manufacture

Agricultural  Water and Soil Engineering

Agricultural Hydraulic Construction

Agricultural Engineering  (professional degree)

Agricultural  Information Technology and Engineering

Rural and  Urban Construction Engineering and Management

Environmental Engineering


Functional Food

Immunology of Nutritional Metabolism

Food Engineering




Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



History of  Science and Technology

Local History  of Agricultural Science and Technology

History of  Science and Technology of Ethnic Minorities



Crop Cultivation and Geoponics

Crop Genetics and Breeding

Medical Plant Resources

Crop (Professional Degree)

Seed Industry (professional degree)

Science of Fruit Trees

Science of Vegetables

Ornamental Horticulture

Ornamental Plants and Horticulture


 (professional degree)

Landscape  Architecture    (professional degree)

Science of Tea

Facility Cultivation and Environment

Soil Science

Plant Nutriology

Agro Environmental Protection

Water and Soil  Conservation and Desertification  Prevention        

Agro Resource  and Useprofessional degree)

Environmental Science

Plant Pathology

Agricultural Pest Control

Pesticide Science

Invasion Biology

Plant  ProtectionProfessional Degree)

Animal  Heredity Breeding and Reproduction

Animal  Nutriology and Feedstuff Science

Special Economic animal Breeding

Animal Production Science

Basic Veterinary Medicine

Preventive Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Public Health

Lawn Science

Animal  HusbandryProfessional Degree)

Pratacultural  ScienceProfessional Degree)

Veterinary  Medicine           Professional Degree)

Rural Regional  Development    professional degree)

Tobacco Science

Crop of  Tobacco Science (professional degree)

Organization  and Service of Agricultural Science and Technology  professional degree

Agricultural  Mechanization    (professional degree)

Food Science

Processing and  Storage of Farm Product

Land Resource  Use and Protection

Food  Processing and Safety

Agricultural Informationization  (professional degree)



Management  Science

Management of Agricultural Economy

Management of Forestry Economy

Rural Financial Management

Rural Regional Development

Management of Regional  Economy    

Education  Administration and Regional  Development       




Programs for Doctor


Primary Discipline

  Secondary  Discipline


Crop Science

Crop Genetic Breeding

Plant Protection

Plant Pathology

Pest Control

Pesticide Science

Invasion Biology


Plant Nutriology  and Pest Control



Animal Hereditary  Breeding and Reproduction


Animal Nutriology  and Feedstuff Science


Special Economic Animal  Breeding


Food Resources and  Nutriology Engineering

Grassland Science

Grassland Science