Yunnan University Service Rural Revitalization Strategic Alliance was launched

adminstrator      May 15, 2022     

On May 13, 2022, the launching conference of Yunnan University Service Rural Revitalization Strategic Alliance was successfully held in the alumni Hall of Our university. National Institute of Rural Revitalization, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Provincial Bureau of Rural Revitalization, relevant leaders of alliance members, "model of The Times", academician Zhu Youyong, honorary president of our school, Li Sumei, party Secretary of our school, and other home leaders attended the launching conference, and some teachers and students representatives attended the activities.

For gathering strength, yunnan universities play their respective advantages of subjects, to complete a comprehensive support and better service in yunnan rural revitalization of the major political task, at the provincial education department, provincial agricultural rural hall, under the guidance and support of the revitalization of bureau, province countryside, yunnan agricultural university joint related colleges and universities and scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises to launch a "service in colleges and universities in yunnan province rural revitalization of the strategic alliance" service, By yunnan university, kunming university of science and technology, yunnan normal university, yunnan agricultural university, college of university of southwest forestry university, Dali, kunming, baoshan institute, institute of wenshan, zhaotong institute, college of pu-er tea, western yunnan university of applied technology, institute of kunming city, yunnan industrial and commercial college, yunnan forestry vocational and technical college, yunnan agricultural vocational and technical college, teri galaxy science and technology (group) The company, guangzhu Agricultural Group Co., LTD., 16 universities and 2 enterprises jointly initiated the initiative, and will send invitations to relevant universities to strive for more universities to respond to the initiative and participate in the action and development of the alliance, and jointly serve as the alliance council units.

Around 2022 promoting rural revitalization of the key work requirement and the province of the 11th party congress of certain goals and tasks for rural, with "root yuengling earth do a good job in higher education, play a important role in the field of service rural revitalization of alliance, output a series of service rural revitalization of major achievements, promote the development of agriculture and rural areas in yunnan high quality, To make new contributions to the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization. In accordance with the working principle of "innovation-led, service-oriented, open and collaborative, and with an international perspective", Will focus on the implementation of the scientific research support action, technology innovation research, capacity building, improve action and talent training quality, action, international cooperation promotion "promoted by college services such as rural revitalization of six action, full service symbol of rural industries in yunnan province, talent and cultural prosperity, ecological revitalization and revitalization of the organization.

The launching conference was presided over by Sun Haiqing, vice president of Yunnan Agricultural University. Li Yonghe, president of Yunnan Agricultural University, first delivered a speech. He extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and guests attending the meeting, and introduced the purpose, principles and important role of the establishment process of the Alliance. Leaders of alliance member units stand on the stage together and press the button to announce the official launch of the alliance. Read the declaration of the service of colleges and universities in yunnan province rural revitalization of strategic alliance, clear the league's mission is to "take root yuengling earth, promote the development of higher education quality, full service rural revitalization", the goal is "based on the southwest border, for rural revitalization of yunnan experience, all the way to 'area' contribution to the construction of" yunnan scheme ", The mission is "scientific and technological innovation drives development, achievement transformation serves the front line, think tank building leads the direction, talent empowerment activates the engine".

Professor Tang Lixia, Deputy Secretary General of National Institute for Rural Development, Academician Zhu Youyong, honorary president of Yunnan Agricultural University, and Inspector Wang Xingyuan of Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs made speeches respectively. They expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the alliance, hope I can around the country revitalization strategy alliance, speed up the building of colleges and universities in our province to support rural revitalization of science and technology innovation system, will be more interested in technical workers in the country revitalization of small water droplets coalesce into rural revitalization of wang Yang, common contributing to agriculture and rural America, farmers rich strength, provide strategic support to our province rural revitalization.

Luming inspector of the province department of education said in his speech, 16 universities in yunnan province and two companies with the height of the revitalization of the country, promoting the development of yunnan high quality sense of mission and responsibility consciousness, launched the service country revitalization of strategic alliance, set the convergence yunnan university force, comprehensive support and better service, rural revitalization of important platform, It will give full play to the role of think tank, think tank and power source, and become the key to serve the rural revitalization of higher education in our province.

After the opening meeting, the first council of the Alliance held its first meeting, and voted to approve the list of the first chairman, chairman and vice chairman of the Alliance. Yunnan Agricultural University was elected as the chairman. Subsequently, the conference deliberated and approved the constitution of the Alliance and the work program of the Alliance.

Strengthening agriculture and developing agriculture, the original mind does not change; We have a glorious mission to promote comprehensive rural revitalization. Yunnan University Service Rural revitalization Strategic Alliance will join hands, starting from the foot of Longquan Mountain, strive to reclaim the hope of Yunnan rural revitalization field!