"Collaborative innovation and application of water, fertilizer and medicine in potato production in different regions of Yunnan Province" passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements

administrator      May 15, 2022     

On May 8, 2022, the third party professional scientific and technological achievements evaluation institutions - enterprise innovation research association of yunnan province in the southwest of key laboratory of biodiversity based on the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Science and Technology "science and technology evaluation method", in accordance with the standards of evaluation of scientific and technological achievements and application, based on the principle of scientific, independent, objective and fair, Experts were organized to evaluate the scientific and technological achievements of the project "Collaborative innovation and application of water, fertilizer and medicine in potato production in different regions of Yunnan Province" completed by Yunnan Agricultural University.

By yunnan province agricultural science research institute researcher lu-yuan dai, xing Ming, qi-jun sui, yunnan phosphate group haikou phosphorus industry companies are senior engineer Yang jianzhong, the chemical industry association, vice President, senior engineer in yunnan province jiang is too light, yunnan science and technology institute researcher xiao-xu wang, yunnan foreign science and technology cooperation association, researcher Qin Mu seven experts review panel, After reviewing the evaluation materials, listening to the report of the project team, after questioning and discussion, it is agreed that the achievement reaches the advanced level of similar technology in China.

Potato has strong adaptability, short growing season and high economic benefits. It is widely planted around the world and is the fourth largest food crop after wheat, rice and maize. Yunnan is located in the mountainous area of southwest China, with complex geographical conditions and climate types. Potato can be planted on an annual basis. However, potato planting patterns are diverse in different regions, and there are widespread problems such as unreasonable irrigation, fertilization and inaccurate drug use. The project team spent 10 years to systematically carry out the research on "Collaborative Innovation and Application of potato water, fertilizer and Drug Application in different regions of Yunnan Province", and the main innovation achievements are as follows:

1. The potato growth and disease occurrence rule under different habitat conditions were analyzed, and the potato planting regions in Yunnan were divided into spring planting region, autumn planting region and winter planting region, and the research and application of efficient cultivation techniques in different regions were carried out.

2. Developed three sets of efficient cultivation technology modes of water, fertilizer and medicine in spring, autumn and winter: drought resistance in spring, seedling protection and late disease prevention and control technology; Autumn disease prevention, rational fertilization, water irrigation technology; Water saving, weight loss and disease control technology after rain in winter.

3. Developed 4 kinds of special fertilizer for potato and 1 kind of synergistic agent: compound fertilizer for potato (15-10-20), water soluble fertilizer suitable for the integration of water, fertilizer and medicine (17-17-17, 15-5-25, synergistic 15-4-32); The synergist can reduce fertilizer application by 20 percent.

The achievements have obtained 3 authorized invention patents, published 13 papers (including 3 SCI papers), edited 1 monographs, and trained 11 graduate students. The achievements have been demonstrated and promoted in 10 provinces (cities) of Yunnan Province, with a total area of promotion and application exceeding 1.15 million mu in 2 years, and an additional economic benefit of 1.19 billion yuan. It has played an important role in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, with remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits.